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Computer science is a relatively new discipline. This subject is in high demand in the age of technology and the internet. The study of computers and computer-related programs is the focus of this discipline. Students who are matriculating have the option of choosing between biology and computer science. Our website has notes for 10th-grade computer science in pdf format. The finest source of preparation is these notes. If you are looking for 10th-grade computer notes, you may find them on our website. The best representation of 10th class computer notes pdf is available. These notes are quite beneficial in terms of preparation.

10th computer science PDF Notes

10th Class Computer PDF Urdu / English Medium All Notes are available here. 10th Class Computer students can check their All Chapters Notes online here And Download them for Free In Pdf.

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Problem Solving English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes
2 Data types Assignments English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes
3 Control Structures English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes
4 Arrays English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes
5 Subprograms and file handling English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes
6 Graphics in Basic English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes
7 Microsoft word English Medium No Urdu Medium Notes

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