11th Class Biology Guess paper Punjab Board

11th Class Biology Guess paper Punjab Board

11th class biology guess paper 2022 punjab board. The students of class 11th are actively engaged in learning and try to get high marks in the examination of class 11th. We have provided 2nd year guess papers for all subjects, and now we have decided to continue providing this service for 1st year intermediate. We provide estimate papers for 1st year including FSC, ICS, ICOM, FA, etc. If any student is studying different course and there is no estimate sheet for that course on our portal, he/she can comment below. 11th Class Biology Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board.

Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board 11th Class Biology

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“Remember that the 11th class gas paper of pure study changes every year. Every year the paper is made according to the new schedule. So, this schedule is only for the year 2022. I will update this page next year for 2023. ”

Punjab Board 11th Class Biology Guess Paper 2022

We have uploaded IX class Biogas test paper, which will help you in your exam preparation. Biology Lesson 9 Our important assessment document is equally useful for all Punjab committees. These include BISE Lahore, BISE Jammu and Kashmir, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE DG Khan, BISE Faisalabad and BISE Multan. The paper for the peer-to-peer program is attached. Biology is the branch of science that studies life. Biology is an interesting subject, and it is taught even to 11th grade science students. This subject is a compulsory course for pre-medical students. Biology is considered an important scientific discipline. Here, we will share the amount of 11th class Guess. With the help of these guessing test papers, students can easily score good grades. Biology guessing essay class 11 2022 is very important.

biology guess paper 2022 Punjab board 11th class

These papers provide the best ideas for the students studying the subject every week. For first year (pre-medical) students, we provide biology guesses for class 11th. Guesss of Biology in class 11 are very beneficial for the students. Students can perform better in Biology by practicing these guessing test papers. These guess test papers are designed from the point of view of board exams. You can also download free of cost guess papers for all other subjects from our website. Level 11 Biology Guess Essay in PDF Format is available here. Our staff provided very useful information to the students. We have provided you a complete PDF file which you can easily download.

11th class biology guess paper 2022 Punjab board

Students can download these Biological Level 11 Estimating Exam Papers from the Rafiqq.com website to prepare for the good result in the annual examination. There are many guessing test papers, which are helpful for the students. These guessing test papers are very helpful to get the best results. These guess papers are available in English and Urdu. You can also get online guessing essay for all other subjects in first year from here. Suppose the exam papers are prepared by experienced teachers on the basis of previous board exams for the convenience of the students. Download 2023 Biology Level 11 Guessing Test Paper, start practicing right away, don’t waste time.

Board All Punjab Board
Class 11th class
Year 2022
keyword 11th class Past Paper 2022 All Pakistan Board Board
Subject All Subject ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics , Urdu , Islamiyat, English, Math, Home Economics , Pak Studies , General Science Guess Paper | Past Paper 2022
1st Year Biology Guess papers 2022 ( Writter Hafeez Ullah ) View – Download
11th Class Biology Guess Paper MCQs 2022 Download View
11th Class Biology Guess Paper short and long 2022 Download View
UNIT# 01                                                                      SHORT QUESTIONS
1-Branches of biology.    2-Significance of study of fossils.3-Differentiate b/w Inductive & Deductive reasoning.

4-Compare theory & Law.        5-How and when hypotheses become a theory?
6-Define following, Biological Control, IDM, Hydroponic culture technique, Pasteurization, Bioremediation, Endangered Species, Productive theory, Vaccination, Hypothesis.
7-Define Pollution. Also write its effects.
                                                                                     LONG QUESTIONS
Explain biological method to solve biological problem.
Give the advancement of biology in production of food.
Describe Protection & Conservation of environment.
What is the role of study of biology in the welfare of mankind?
Unit# 2                                                                     SHORT QUESTIONS
Define Biochemistry. Give its importance.
Differentiate in Catabolism & Anabolism.
Give chemical composition of bacterial & mammalian cell.
Write any two protective functions of water.
Define Heat Capacity & Heat of Vaporization with example.
Define Carbohydrates & give its general formula.
Compare Nucleotide & Nucleoside.
Compare Purines & Pyrimidines.
Why are fat considered as high energy molecules?
What is the general formula for amino acid?
What is the percentage of water in brain cells of man?
                                                                                    Long Questions
Write a note on importance of water.
Explain Structures of Protein.
Write a short note on Amino Acid.
Unit#3                                                                       SHORT QUESTIONS
Define Enzyme(Biocatalyst).
Define Active Site & write its two parts
Define Cofactor & Activator?
Difference b/w Prosthetic Group & Coenzyme.
Differentiate b/w Apoenzyme & Holoenzyme.
Write four characteristics of enzyme.
Differentiate b/w Pepsin & Pepsinogen.
What do you mean by Lock & Key Model of enzyme?
What is Induced Fit Model?
What are Inhibitors? Write its two types.
Compare Competitive & Non-competitive Inhibitors.
How does an enzyme accelerate metabolic reaction?
What is Activation Energy?
Unit#4                                                                  SHORT QUESTIONS
What is Cell Fractionation Technique?
What is the chemical composition of cell membrane?
What is Unit membrane model & Fluid mosaic model?
Compare primary & Secondary wall.
Write the function of cytoplasm.
Compare Cristae & Cisternae.
What is Polysome, Murein, Autophagosome, Storage Diseases.
Function of Vacuole & Nucleus.
Is there any similarity b/w bacterial & plant cell wall?
Compare chromatin & Chromosome
                                                                       LONG QUESTIONS
Describe functions of Plasma membrane.
Write a note on Cell-wall.
Describe functions of E.R
Describe Structure & function of Mitochondria.
Write note on Plastids.
Differentiate b/w Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic cell.
Compare Structure & function of Chloroplast & Mitochondria.
  Unit#5                                                                SHORT QUESTIONS
Define Specie.
Define Binomial nomenclature. Who introduced it.
Write down classification of corn.
What are Prions & Virus?
What is Capsid?
Write names of any four viral diseases.
What are Obligate parasite?
                                                                              LONG QUESTIONS
Describe Life Cycle of Bacteriophage.
Draw Infection Cycle of HIV.
Write a note on Hepatitis.
 Unit#6                                                                  SHORT QUESTIONS
What are Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Tetrad?
Classification of bacteria on base of Flagella.
Write functions of Flagella.
What are Pilli & write its functions.
Compare cell wall of gram positive & gram negative bacteria.
                                                                               LONG QUESTIONS 
Describe Nutrition in bacteria.
Classification of bacteria on base of respiration.
Explain different phases of growth in bacteria.
Describe different chemical & physical methods to control bacteria.
Write on note on use & misuse of antibiotics.
Unit#7                                                         SHORT QUESTIONS
Kingdom protist is defined by exclusion, how?
What is meant by Polyphyletic group of organisms?
What do you know about giant amoeba?
Write two characters of Zooflagellates?
What is Trypansoma?
Compare Pseudopodia with Cillia?
What is Conjugation?
Differentiate b/w Choanoflagellate & Trichonymphus.
Differentiate b/w Micronucleus & Macronucleus.
What are Coenocytes & Thallus?
What are diatoms give their importance?
What are Kelps?
Write four characters of green algae similar to plants.
What is Chlorella?
Write Importance of Algae.
Write similarities & difference b/w fungus like protists and fungi?
Write two characters of oomycetes & slime molds.
Unit#8                                                       SHORT QUESTIONS
What is nuclear mitosis?
Define hyphae & write its types
What is Mycelium?
What is mycorrhizae & Lichen?
What are haustoria?
What are Carnivorous fungi? Give example.
What is dikaryotic hyphae?
What is karyogamy & plasmogamy?
Compare Rust & Smut.
What are Histoplasmosis & Aspergillosis?
                                                                                     LONG QUESTIONS 
Describe taxonomic status of fungi.
Describe Nutrition in fungi.
Describe general characteristics of fungi.
Explain sexual & asexual reproduction in fungi.
Describe ecological gain & losses due to fungi.
Unit#9                                                                          SHORT QUESTIONS
Define bryophytes & why they are said to be amphibious plants.
Define the term heteromorphic.
What are gymnosperm? Also give example
Define double fertilization.
Compare monocot & dicot.
Compare Megaspore & Microspore.
What is heterospory?
                                                                                     LONG QUESTIONS 
Write a note on adaptation of bryophytes on land habitat.
Write short note on evolution of leaf.
Describe evolution of seed habit.
Unit#10                                                                    SHORT QUESTIONS
What are Diploblastic, Triploblastic, Acoelomate, Coelomate, Pseudocoelomate, Gemmules, Hermaphrodite, Protandrous
Compare Ostia & Osculum?
Write Importance of Sponges.
What are Nematocysts?
What is enteron?
Compare Polyps & Medusae
What is Polymorphism?
What are Coral Reefs?
What are Flame Cells?
What is Metamorphosis?
Define nymph/instar.
What is Radula?
What is Haemocyanin?
Define Regeneration?
Difference b/w Radial & Bilateral Symmetry.
Unit#11                                 SHORT QUESTIONS
Define followings, Bioenergetics, Photosynthesis, Compensation Point, Bacteriochlorophylls, Chemiosmosis, Accessory pigments, Respiration, Types of fermentation,
Write molecular formula for chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b
What are Anteenna Complex?
Compare photosystem I and photosystem II
What is cellular respiration? Write it stages.
What is the net production of ATP during Glycolysis?
Difference in Phosphorylation & Oxidative Phosphorylation.
How is the formation of Vit.A linked with eating of carrot?
                                                  LONG QUESTIONS 
Describe Van Neil Hypothesis.
Write a note on Non-cyclic Phosphorylation.
Write a note on Cyclic Phosphorylation.
Draw & explain Kalvin cycle.
Explain Glycolysis.
Explain Kreb’s cycle.
Write note on Respiratory chain.
Compare Photosynthesis and Respiration in plants.
Unit#12                                 SHORT QUESTIONS
Define symbiotic association with example.
Give functions of oral cavity.
What is the composition of gastric juice?
What are hunger pang?
Define Peristalsis & Anti-peristalsis.
Write names & functions of enzymes secreted by pancreas.
Functions of Gastrin and secreton.
Differentiate in diarrhea & Constipation.
What is common food poisoning?
What is botulism?
Write symptoms & causes of dyspepsia.
How can we control obesity?
Describe Heterotrophic Nutrition in plants.
Write a note on digestion in Oral cavity in man.
Describe digestion of food in stomach.
Describe digestion of food in small intestine.
Define Nutrition. Describe the role of different elements in plants nutrition.
Unit#13                                 SHORT QUESTIONS
Advantages & disadvantages of gas exchange in air and water.
Compare stomat with lenticels
Write properties of respiratory surfaces in animals.
Functions of nasal cavity.
What is diaphragm and pleura?
Compare Inspiration & Expiration.
What are alveoli?
Compare oxyhaemoglobin & carboxyhaemoglobin.
What is the CO₂ concentration in Arterial & Venous blood?
Differentiate haemoglobin & myoglobin(What are respiratory pigments?)
Write note on Cancer, T.B, Asthma.
Write composition of inhaled & exhaled air.
What is diving reflex?
How does breathing differ from respiration?
Unit#14                                 SHORT QUESTIONS
Describe processes involved in the absorption by roots in uptake of minerals.
Define transpiration.
Define Imbibition & bleeding in plants, Source, Sink, Pressure flow theory
Write functions of proteins present in plasma?
Write functions of platelets.
Compare bicusbid & tricuspid valves.
What are blue babies?
What is ECG?
What is the function of Artificial pacemaker?
What is hypertention, Myocardial Infaraction, Systolic & diastolic pressure
Compare thrombus & embolus.
Difference in blood & lymph.
What is cell mediate response?
What is Antiserum?
Write a note on Ascent of sap.
Describe different hypothesis for opening & closing of stomata.
Comparison of open & closed circulatory system
Write down functions of blood.
Explain Leucaemia & Thalassemia.
Write a note on W.B.Cs
Describe structure & function of Human heart.
Compare structure, function of Arteries, Veins, capillary.
Define lymphatic system. Give its functions.
Define Immunity. Give its major types.
Prepared by;  Muhammad Hafeez Ullah
                         Assistant Education Officer
                         Dera Ghazi Khan
Note: Dear students you are bound to prepare MCQs from exercises of all chapters     according to ALP.

1st year 11th Class Biology Guess paper 2022


Differentiate b/w population & community

.How does theory differ from the law?

What is integrated disease management?

Differentiate b/w chemotherapy, radiotherapy & gene therapy.

What is hydroponic technique? Give its importance.

Write a note on vaccination.

Define biome with an example.

Define phyletic lineage & biodiversity.

Differentiate b/w deductive reasoning & inductive reasoning.


Define biochemistry.Give its importance.

Differentiate b/w glycosidic & peptide bond.

Define lipids.Give two roles of waxes

Differentiated b/w saturated & unsaturated fatty acid.Give the structure of lecithin.


What is the active site of an enzyme?

Differentiate b/w apoenzyme & holoenzyme.

What are cofactor & activator of enzyme?

How does an enzyme accelerate a metabolic reaction?

Write four characteristics of enzymes.

What is induced fit model? Who proposed this model?

How does high temperature affect enzyme activities?

What is the role of pH in enzyme action?

Give optimum pH values for any two enzyme actions?

What are enzyme inhibitors? Give two examples.

Differentiate b/w reversible & irreversible enzyme inhibitors.

Differentiate b/w competitive & non-competitive enzyme inhibitors?


Write down salient features of cell theory.

Differentiate bw phagocytosis & pinocytosis.

Give chemical composition of primary & secondary cell wall

.Give three functions of smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

Define storage diseases with two examples.

What is location of centrioles in the cell & what is their role?

Differentiate b/w chromoplasts & leucoplasts.Differentiate b/w cisternae & cristae.

What are peroxisome, polysome & ribosome?


Define species & virology with examples.

Give biological classification of corn.

Differentiate b/w lytic phage & lysogenic phage.

Write down symtoms & prevention of hepatitis?


Write four postulates of germ theory.

What are mesosomes?Describe their function.

Write misuse of antibiotics.What are trichomes?

Give the structure & function of Heterocysts?

What are super blue-green algae?Give its importance.


What are choanoflagellates?

What are tritonymphs?Give their importance.

Write two characteristics of ciliates.

Differentiate b/w micronucleus & macronucleus.

Differentiate b/w foraminiferas & actinopods.

What are apicomplexans?Give one example.

How algae differ from plants?

What are red tides?

What are kelps?Name the parts of thaullus of a kelp.

Green algae are considered ancestral organism of green land plants,

why?What is chlorella?Give its significance.

What is importance of algae?


What are lichens?Give their ecological importance.

Differentiate b/w karyogamy & plasmogamy.

Differentiate b/w rusts & smuts

.What is budding & para sexuality?

What are toad stools? Give example.

What is histoplasmosis? Give its causes.

Give scientific name of yeast used in genetic research.

Define hyphae. Give their two types.

What is mycorrhiza?Give its importance

What are dikaryotic hyphae? Give example


Why bryophytes plants are called amphibious plants?

How spores of mosses differ from spores of liver worts?

What is alternation of generation?Give its significance.

Why sphenopsida are called arthophytes?

Differentiate b/w microphylls & megaphylls.

Define double fertilization in angiosperms.Give its importance.

Differentiate b/w monocot stem & dicot stem.


Write the importance of sponges.

Define polymorphism with example.

Write down the importance of corals.

Differentiate b/w infestation & disinfestations.

Write names and uses of any two useful insects.

Define nymph & metamorphosis.

Give three characteristics of chordates.

Give the role of swim bladder in bony fishes.Give two commercial importance of sharks.

Define regeneration & maderporite.

Write names and harms of any two harmful molluscus.


Define bioenergetics

Differentiate bw photosynthesis & respiration.

Define photosynthesis with equation.

What is compensation point? Where it occurs?

Write down the molecular formula for chlorophyll “a” and b”.

What are necessary pigments in plants? Give their importance.

Differentiate b/w absorption & action spectrum.

Differentiate b/w photosystem and photosystem

What is Z-scheme?

What is fermentation? Explain its types.


Distinguish b/w nutrients & nutrition

.Write components & functions of saliva.

Name various types of the salivary gland in man.

Differentiate b/w peristalsis & anti-peristalsis.

How hunger pangs are caused?

What is heart burn or pyrosis?

Name types of cells present in gastric glands.

What prevents the wall of stomach from being digested?

How secretion is produced in man?What is its effects on pancreas in man?

What is the role of liver in the digestion of food?


Differentiate b/w organismic and cellular respiration?

What is photorespiration?Name organelles involved in it.Write the names of its products.

What is rubisco.Write its importance.

Define respiratory surface.Give three properties.

Differentiate b/w cutaneous & pulmonary respiration in frog.

What are counter current exchange and parabronchi?

Differentiate b/w diaphragm and pleura.Name some respiratory disorder and explain one

.What is emphysema? Write its symptoms.

What is diving reflex


Differentiate b/w water potential & solute potential.

Differentiate b/w plasmolysis & deplasmolysis.

Differentiate b/w apoplast & symplast pathway.

Differentiate b/w single & double circuit heart.

What are blue babies?

What is brain hemorrhage?Give its two preventive measures.

1. (a).How study of biology helped mankind to improve production of food.

(b).Define cloning. Discuss its types & importance.

2. (a).Describe the importance of water of life.
3. (a).Describe primary & secondary structure of protein.(b).Compare DNA and RNA. Explain different types of RNA.
4. (a).Write a note on Endoplasmic reticulum.(b). What are plastids? Explain the structure & function of chloroplast
5. (a).Describe the structure and function of mitochondria.(b).Differentiate b/w prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells.
6. (a).Describe life cycle of a bacteriophage.(b).How HIV is transmitted? Give a sketch of infection cycle of HIV?

7. (a).Define hepatitis. Describe its symptoms, causes & types(b).Describe different classes of bacteria on the basis of flagela.
8. (a). Discuss the process of nutrition in bacteria.(b).Describe different physical & chemical methods to control bacteria.
9. (a).Write down characteristics of cyanobacteria.(b).Explain taxonomic status of fungi.
10. (a).Discuss different methods of asexual reproduction in fungi.
11. (a). Give adaptations of fungi on land.(b).Describe land adaptations of bryophytes.
12. (a). What is alternation of generation? Give its significance.(b).How the evolution of leaf took place?
13. (a).Enlist steps involved in the evolution of seed
14. (a).Draw and describe Calvin cycle in photosynthesis.(b).What is glycolysis? Sketch its various steps.
15. (a).Draw the sketch and explain Krebs cycle.(b).Give digestion in the cockroach.
16. (a).Describe digestion in oral cavity of man.(b).Describe absorption of digested food in small intestine.
17. (a). Write a note on (i) Anorexia nervosa (ii) Bulimia nervosa (iii) Obesity(b). Why transpiration is necessary evil?
18. (a).Explain various functions of human blood.(b).Describe lymphatic system. Write its functions.(C).Define immunity. Give its types.

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