11th Class Civics Pairing Scheme for All Boards

11th Class Civics Pairing Scheme 2023 for all Punjab Boards. Every year thousands of students sign up for their board exams, and the education committee tries its best to provide the candidates with ease and many facilities for better preparation and achievement. 11th class | First Year Civics Pairing Scheme 2023. Students should prepare for the annual examination as per the given test paper scheme; Students can clearly understand their expectations in the annual examination. A Civics Pairing scheme for the first year of 2023 is provided by the education board to improve its candidates. 11th class citizen science Pairing scheme 2023 for all Punjab boards.

Pairing Scheme Punjab Board 11th Class Civics

The Pairing scheme is provided before the annual exam, which includes score distribution, important questions, MCQs, and important chapters which candidates can check further. Through the question division of Milan Scheme 2023, students can focus on the important areas, which is very useful, as the students will have to keep a lot of information in many books throughout the year, which will put a lot of pressure on the candidates. They can understand the pattern and prepare well in advance to get an A+ level. Countless students complained that it is difficult for them to keep a lot of information, but with the help of the 11th level civic essay program Lahore Board 2023, students can focus on important chapters and questions.

11th class civics Pairing scheme

11th Class Civic Pairing Scheme Punjab Board. By using Civics First Year Matching Programme, candidates can prepare in less time and get better results, boost their confidence in the candidates and improve their time management skills. The education board facilitates them by providing a test paper scheme before the annual examination. 11th Class Citizen Science Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board.

“Remember that the 11th class Pairing scheme of pure studies changes every year. Every year the paper is prepared according to the new schedule. Hence, this schedule is for the year 2023 only. I will update this page next year for 2023.”

Civics FA Part 1 2023. paper pattern of

From the following table, you can know the paper pattern of Civics FA Part 1 wise Punjab Board Exam in 2023.

Objective Type Subjective Type
Total Marks 20 Total Marks 80
Time Allowed 30  minutes Time Allowed 2:30 hrs
Number of MCQs 20 Number of Questions 6
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Total 20 MCQs Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Attempt 9 short questions out of 13 having 18 marks
Attempt 3 long questions out of 5 having 30 marks. Each question has 10 marks.
Total 80 marks

11th Class Civics Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSFollowing are the number of MCQs from each chapter.
SHORT QUESTIONSfollowing are the number of short questions from each chapter.
Question #2:
  (Attempt Any six Questions)
CHAPTER # 1, Short Questions: 4
CHAPTER # 2, Short Questions: 5

Question #3: (Attempt Any six Questions)
CHAPTER # 3, Short Questions: 4
CHAPTER # 4, Short Questions: 5

Question #4: (Attempt Any six Questions)
CHAPTER # 5, Short Questions: 4
CHAPTER # 6, Short Questions: 5

LONG QUESTIONS Following are the number of long questions from each chapter.
(a) Chapter 1 (b) Chapter 2
Q#6 (a) Chapter 3 (b) Chapter 3
Q#7 (a) Chapter 4 , (b) Chapter 4
Q#8 (a) Chapter 5 , (b) Chapter 5
Q#9 (a) Chapter 6 , (b) Chapter 6