11th Class Psychology Pairing Scheme for All Boards

11th class psychology Pairing scheme 2023 for all Punjab boards. The matching scheme between Year 1 and Year 2 of the year 2023 has been announced by all the BISE boards for all subjects. This page is most popular for the students who are looking for the FA FSC 1st & 2nd Division Matching Scheme 2023. All Subjects Psychology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science ICS Punjab Cardboard Schemes for Year One and Year Two can be downloaded here. Inter-Class Pairing Scheme 2023 is the best source to understand in which part the final first and second class examination tickets have to be arranged. 11th Class Psychology Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board.

First Year Psychology Pairing Scheme 2023

The scheme is applicable to all subjects and is easy for students to prepare. The plan has been announced by the committees. In the Intermediate class, Science and Expression Class 2023 students have different subjects, and they can choose these subjects in the Pairing scheme 2023 at the beginning of the course.

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Azad Kashmir has announced an assessment map, also known as a composite scheme. The 11th class matching scheme for secondary and secondary education can be downloaded from this page. 11th class psychology Pairing scheme 2023 for all Punjab boards.

“Remember that the 11th class Pairing scheme of pure studies changes every year. Every year the paper is prepared according to the new schedule. Hence, this schedule is for the year 2023 only. I will update this page next year for 2023.”

11th Psychology Pairing Scheme Punjab Board

You can know the paper pattern of the 11th Class Psychology Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board Exam 2023 from the following table:

Objective Type Subjective Type
Total Marks 15 Total Marks 60
Time Allowed 20  minutes Time Allowed 2:10 hrs
Number of MCQs 15 Number of Questions 8
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 3 rhymes out of 4 from Nazam part and  2 rhymes out of 3 from Ghazal part having 10 marks
Total 15 MCQs Explanation of paragraphs from chapters having 10 marks
Attempt 5 questions out of 8 having 10 marks
Attempt abstract of 1 chapter  out of 2 having 5 marks
Attempt abstract of nazam having 5 marks
Attempt application OR letter having 10 marks
Write a story OR dialogue having 5 marks
Sentence correction OR Idioms completion having 5 marks
Total 60 marks

All Punjab Intermediate Matching Plans are available. You can download it with just one click. If you do not find any of them, please leave a comment below.As you know, we are updating all students on this page. We all know that every student has the highest priority in the exam and has proper preparation; every candidate can get the most forbidden number. You can get a lot of benefits from this plan.

11th Class Psychology Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board


The MCQs are given in the paper according to the following rules:
Chapter 1       (1 MCQs)Chapter 2 – 9  (2 MCQs each)

Short Questions

Question No. 2 (8/12)Chapter 1: 4 short questions
Chapter 2: 4 short questions
Chapter 3: 4 short questions

Questions No. 3 (8/12)

Chapter 4: 4 short questions
Chapter 5: 4 short questions
Chapter 6: 4 short questions

Questions No. 4 (6/9)

Chapter 7: 3 short questions
Chapter 8: 3 short questions
Chapter 9: 3 short questions

Long Questions (3/5)

Question No. 5 (Chapter Ch 1 OR Ch 2)
Question No. 6 (Chapter Ch 3)
Question No. 7 (Chapter Ch 4 OR Ch 5)
Question No. 8 (Chapter Ch 6 OR Ch 7)
Question No. 9 (Chapter Ch 8 OR Ch 9)