1st Year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2022

1st Year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2021

1st Year Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2021

Students who are studying computer science at the intermediate level and are presently preparing for their final exams should review the computer scheme for the first year of 2021. These matching schemes are established and presented by educational boards to inform students about the pattern that examiners would follow for the final exam session. Students may obtain the most up-to-date and comprehensive 11th class Computer paper strategies 2021 on this page. It is recommended that students download the matching scheme and organize their preparations according to it.

Benefits of 1st Year Computer Pairing Scheme 2021

The Lahore board assessment plan 2021 offers a number of advantages. The most important ones are given below:

The punjab board’s 11th class computer pairing method gives an idea of the types of questions that can be encountered in the paper.

The pairing scheme indicates how many multiple-choice, short-answer, and long-answer questions will be included in the paper.

The pairing strategy indicates which chapters will be used for which types of questions.

The 2021 1st year computer pairing method provides an estimate of how many questions will be taken from each chapter.

Paper Scheme Computer Science
Class 11th Class Computer Science assessment scheme
Year (2021)
Board 11th Class Computer Science assessment scheme is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board, Multan Board
KeyWord 11th Class Inter Computer Science Pairing Scheme 2021 Punjab Board

11th Class Computer Paper Scheme


Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:                                                     MARKS:15

1 1 2 6 6 2
2 2 2 7 7 1
3 3        2 8 8 1
4 4        2 9 9 1
5 5        1 10 10 1


SHORT QUESTIONS                                      SECTION- I            Marks:36


Attempt 6 out of 9


Attempt 6 out of 9


Attempt 6 out of 9

Chapter    No of Question Chapter    No.of  Question Chapter    No.of Question
     1                     3     5                   6    4                    5
     2                     2     8                   2    7                    2
     3                     2     9                   2    10                  2
     6                     2


LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 3 out of 5)   SECTION –II Marks-08     SECTION- III- Marks-16 (T.24)

Attempt any one from Q.No.5,6                   Attempt any two Q.No. 7, 8 ,9

Q.No. 5 Chap No.  1 Q.No. 7 Ch-  3
Q.No. 6 Chap No.  2 Q.No. 8 Ch-  5
Q.No. 9 Ch-  6

Other than Computer Pairing Scheme 2021 1st Year

Students are given some extremely powerful helpful content in addition to the 1st year Computer paired scheme 2021, which they can use to acquire 100 percent exam preparation. Students can, for example, find 11th-grade notes online. Professional teachers have prepared these notes. Students can now get the 11th-grade syllabus over the internet. The whole syllabus for virtually all disciplines is available here. We also provide students with 11th grade online MCQs exams, which are quite useful in covering the objective type paper. The bottom line for students is to use the supporting information to cover as much of the syllabus as possible before appearing for the 1st year final exam.

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