1st Year Economics Pairing Scheme 2022 | 11th Class Scheme Paper

1st Year Economics Pairing Scheme 2021

Economics is a difficult course that requires students to put in a lot of effort in order to succeed. Students cover a variety of topics in economics, ranging from fundamental ideas such as means of production to complicated mathematical principles used to solve problems. To help students cope with this challenging subject, educational boards have produced the 1st year Economics paper plan 2021, which focuses on crucial areas of chapters that are likely to appear in exams.

Paper Scheme Economics
Class 11th Class Economics assessment scheme
Year (2021)
Board 11th Class Economics assessment scheme is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board, Multan Board
KeyWord 11th Class Inter Economics Pairing Scheme 2021 Punjab Board

Economics Paper Pattern of ICS Part 1 2021

The paper pattern for economics Inter part 1 according to the Punjab Board examination in 2021 is shown in the table below:

Objective Type

Subjective Type

Total Marks 20 Total Marks 80
Time Allowed 30 minutes Time Allowed 2:30 hrs
Number of MCQs 20 Number of Questions 6
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Total 20 MCQs Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Attempt 9 short questions out of 13 having 18 marks
Attempt 3 long questions out of 5 having 30 marks. Each question has 10 marks.
Total 80 marks

Start Revision with Paper Scheme

Because exams are approaching, this is a fantastic time for students to begin studying for their exams using the Economics 11th class paper scheme 2021. This is the ideal moment to pick up your books and begin studying the fundamentals of economics. These paper schemes assist pupils in self-studying and learning concepts, which is a valuable life skill. Having an assessment scheme to go along with your study sessions will help you get an A on your final exams. You can begin by reviewing your whole course using the most recent paper scheme, and then practice prior papers to see if you have comprehended subjects.

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