1st Year Punjabi Pairing Scheme 2022 | 11th Class

1st Year Punjabi Pairing Scheme 2021 11th Class

Students use paper plans to learn what they need to know for their exams. Those who do not incorporate paper plans into their studies risk losing scores due to a lack of preparation for their exams. This is why pairing systems should be one of your study partners. The Education 1st year paper plan 2021 covers the critical topics that all students should study because the examiner will be testing those areas of expertise. It’s worth noting that all boards in Punjab employ the same evaluation scheme, which means the paper scheme is the same in Sahiwal, Multan, and Rawalpindi, for example. The assessment scheme for this webpage can be found below.

Study with Pairing Scheme

One of the most crucial pillars of our community is education. Education is the sole path to upward social mobility in a meritocratic society. As a result, learning about education is essential to comprehend it. The Punjab Board’s course is well-rounded, as it teaches pupils about the various components of education. Students learn about what education is, what it is for, what it is This comprehensive course provides students with a wealth of information.

Great Opportunity to Study

Students are offered pairing schemes ahead of time so that they can best prepare for their exams. Because the 11th-grade education pairing scheme 2021 was revealed far ahead of schedule, pupils can make the most of their time by studying for their exams. This time can be used to review syllabus subjects in accordance with the most recent paper schedule. Make a suitable time schedule to begin studying for your examinations. Remove any distractions and annoyances from your study environment so that you may focus completely on your studies.

Education Paper Pattern of 11th Class 2021

The paper pattern for education inter part 1 according to the Punjab Board examination in 2021 is shown in the table below:

Objective Type

Subjective Type

Total Marks 20 Total Marks 80
Time Allowed 30  minutes Time Allowed 2:30 hrs
Number of MCQs 20 Number of Questions 6
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Total 20 MCQs Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Attempt 9 short questions out of 13 having 18 marks
Attempt 3 long questions out of 5 having 24 marks. Each question has 10 marks.
Total 80 marks
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