9th Class General Maths Guess Paper Punjab Board

9th Class General Maths Guess Paper Punjab Board

Here it is announced that General Mathematics guess papers for class 9th are available on this site. So, you can download with just one click on the link given below and start preparing for the exam. Thus, 9th Class General Mathematics Guess Paper 2024 PDF download is available here. Because the link has everything you need to secure the General Mathematics exam. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to click on the link and download the PDF file immediately, and secure your 50-60 marks in the examination. Since classes are not going on properly, 9th class students are facing problems regarding exams and syllabus.

So, we have something special for 9th class students to make them feel at ease and focus on the exam. However, General Mathematics is a difficult subject for most of the 9th class students but you are in the right place. Our viewers are requested to put their mathematics related stress in one basket and start preparing for important subjects. In our PDF file, important MCQ short questions and long questions are mentioned separately.

9th Class General Mathematics Guess Paper 2024

As per the instructions of Punjab Government, the board announces smart syllabus, so we have come up with smart guess paper. This smart guess paper of General Mathematics covers all the dimensions of subjective and objective types of smart syllabus of class 9th. All important definitions, short questions, long questions, geometry and MCQs are prepared for you by all the experienced teachers.

9th class general maths guess paper 2024 Punjab board. General math is an important technical subject for ninth-grade liberal arts students. Some students find it difficult because they cannot master the various formulas and difficult concepts. General Mathematics is one such subject that can be made easier with more practice. general maths 9th class guess paper 2024. 9th class students should practice it as much as possible to get the highest marks in General Mathematics. We at Rafiqq.com are providing you with the best way to get good grades in General Mathematics. 2021 9th Grade General Mathematics Guessing Test Paper can be obtained here and is suitable for all grade 9 students. 9th class general maths guess paper 2024 Punjab board.

Guess Paper Board 9th Class General Maths

In these guessing test papers, we provide you with questions that can be asked in general maths board exams. These important guess papers for class 9 general maths are based on your Punjabi textbook board. These guessing test papers are well designed and perform well just like your board exam. You can easily download the 9th General Mathematical Estimation Paper in PDF format for best preparation. Class IX students can prepare for board exams by preparing 9 simple maths guesses.

9th class general maths guess paper 2024

Our experienced staff made these important Guesss after collecting valuable material from various sources based on experience to prepare class IX students better. We are here to provide you with these important estimating documents for free of cost. Rafiqq.com provides you the best way to get good grades in General Mathematics. Download these beneficial and important General Mathematics Exam Papers and prepare for a better result in 2024 General Mathematics Board Exam. Here is the 2024 Level 9 General Maths Estimation Test Paper.

“Remember that the 9th standard guesses paper of pure studies changes every year. Every year the paper is prepared according to the new schedule. Hence, this schedule is for the year 2024 only. I will update this page next year for 2024.”

9th class general maths guess paper 2024

9th class biology guesses paper 2024 Punjab board. I hope aspirants can get a lot of useful practice from the Biology ALP Estimation Questions in Lesson 9 and the Subject Matching Scheme available in Lesson 9. Smart Guess Test Papers can be considered as expected questions, but that doesn’t mean that these exam papers alone are enough to prepare 100% for Level 9 Biology. For full marks of the annual examination, every student should prepare a textbook for the examination as per the rules. 9th class biology guesses paper 2024 Punjab board.

Chapter # 1


Chapter # 2


Chapter # 3

(laws of log 1,3),(3.2/4,5,6),(3.3/2,4,5),(3.4/1,4)

Chapter # 4


Chapter # 5


Chapter # 6




General Maths 9th Class Guess Paper


EXERCISE NO. 1.1                Q.1    (i)

Q.2    (i) ,(v)

Q.4    (vii)

EXERCISE NO.1.2                 Q.1, 2,3,4,5,7, 9

EXAPLE -2                             1.1.3

EXERCISE NO. 1.4                Q.1 , 2, 3, 7, 8

EXERCISE -1.5                      Q.1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10


EXERCISE NO. 2.1                Q.1, Q.2,Q.3,Q.4, Q.5, Q.6, Q.7, Q.10, Q.11, Q. 12


EXERCISE NO. 3.1                Q.1    (i) , (vi)



Q.3    (i) ,   (iv)  , (v)

EXERCISE NO. 3.2                Q.1    (i)



Q.2    (ii)

EXERCISE NO. 3.3                Q.1




EXERCISE NO. 4.1                Q.1, Q.2

EXERCIS NO. 4.2                            Q.1, Q.2, Q.3, Q.6

EXERCISE NO. 4.3                Q.6 , Q.7,Q.8, Q.9


EXERCISE NO. 5.1                         Q. 1, Q.5, Q.6, Q.7

EXERCISE NO. 5.3                         Q. 2, Q. 4, Q.5, Q. 7


EXERCISE NO. 6.1                Q.3    (iii)

Q.4    (x)

Q.5    (iii)

EXERCISE NO.6.2                 Q.28  (v)     Q.28, Q.29

EXERCISE NO.6.3                 Q.1    1 , 3   Q.11, Q.12, Q.13,Q.14, Q.15,

EXERCISE NO. 6.4                Q.4    (ii)     Q3, 4 6.5

EXERCISE NO.6.5                 Q.1    (iii)    Q.2 , (i) ,Q3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11


EXERCISE NO. 7.1                Q.1    (i) , (iii),  (iv)  , (vii)

EXERCISE NO. 7.2                Q.1    (i),(iv)

Q.2    (i), (v)



EXERCISE NO. 7.3                Q.1    (i) , (ii),  (iii) , (iv)






EXERCISE NO.7.5                 Q.1    (i) , (ii)

Q.2    (i) , (ii)

UNIT NO. 8                  SET AND FUNCTIONS

EXPERCISE NO. 8.1              Q.1







EXERCISE NO. 8.2                Q.1





UNIT NO. 9                  LINEAR GRAPHS

EXERCISE NO. 9.1                         Q.1             (vi)

Q.3             (i) , (ii), (iv)

EXERCISE NO. 9.3                         Q.1             (b)


UNIT NO. 10                BASIC STATISTICS

REVIEW EXERCISE.                      Q.3





  • Express 95% as fractions in the lowest form.
  • Express the decimal 0.065 as a percentage.
  • If there are 800 cars in a car parking and 80% of them are from Pakistan made. Find the number of Pakistani cars.
  • Simplify the ration 24:12 in the simplest form
  • Express 12/10: 28/10 in its simple form
  • What is meant by cost price and sale price?
  • Define direct proportion.
  • Find the ratio of Rs. 160 per meter to Rs.150 per meter.
  • Express ratio 2/3,3/5 in its simplest form.
  • Find the unknown ‘x’ in the proportion x : 3:: 60:15
  • Calculate Zakat on Gold amounting to Rs. 11, 1,000/-
  • Calculate the amount of Zakat on an amount of Rs. 5000000.
  • Find CP when SP = Rs.572/- and profit is 5%
  • Find the SP when CP= Rs. 1540/- Loss = 5%
  • Find the marked Price when SP = Rs. 2400, Discount = 4%
  • Find CP when SP = Rs.851 and loss = 5%
  • Convert 700 Saudi Riyal into Pakistan rupees. When the rate of Saudi Riyal = Rs.22, 400.
  • Convert 250 US dollars into Sterling pounds.
  • Define excise duty
  • The annual income of a flat is Rs. 14, 00,000. Find the tax payable at the rate of 16%
  • Define Sales tax.
  • A computer price is Rs. 34800 inclusive of 16% sales tax what is the original price of the computer.
  • Simplify (x2y3)1/6
  • Write 0.00018 in scientific notation.
  • Solve the equation Log, (x+1) = 2
  • Write down the value of log 52.13
  • Express in exponential form:
  •   simplify it.
  •   Simplify it.
  • Find A.M between 4 and 8
  • Find G.M. between 4 and 9
  • Find the 5th term of a G.P. 4, -12, 36………..
  • Convert 20 oC into oF.
  • Find the range of the given data 10,15,9,5, 22
  • Find the standard division of the values 2,3,6,8,11


  • Amina scored 45 out of 50 in a math test, 64 out of 75 in a chemistry test and 72 out of 80 in a physics test. In which subject did she perform best?
  • A shopkeeper plans to produce 200 articles with the help for 5 persons working 8 hours daily. How many articles can be made by 8 persons if they work 5 hours daily.
  • The price of 20 pens is Rs.2000. What will be the price of 40 such pens?
  • Calculate zakat on gold of worth Rs. 8, 00,000, cash of amount Rs. 4, 00,000 and silver of weight 50 tola (Rs.5000 per tola).
  • If 15% discount on MP of a heater is allowed and still makes a profit of 2%. If it is sold on MP, what is profit percentage?
  • Find compound profit on Rs.800 for 4 years @ 6 percent per annum.
  • Evaluate.  8.67 x 3.94/1.78
  • Draw the graph of  y = 3x
  • Distribute Rs. 33,000 as a profit in a business regarding three persons if their shares are in the ratio 3: 5:3
  • Insert two G.M. between 4 and 1/2
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