All Network Tiktok Offer (Ufone, Jazz, Zong and Telenor)

Ufone Weekly Tiktok Offer

Hello readers, if you are looking for a Ufone TikTok offer code then you are right here. In this article, we have gathered the complete details of Ufone TikTok offers for weekly and monthly data. You will get here Tiktok offers data limit, subscription, un-subscription, charges, and validity.

Ufone is one of the telecom operators in Pakistan, serving millions of customers in the country with its easy-to-subscribe data bundle offers and unlimited call packages. Ufone has launched several data and call packages for its customers and if you are a TikTok user and looking for weekly TikTok packages and monthly TikTok packages.

Ufone TikTok Package Weekly Code and Ufone TikTok Package Monthly Code are given below for prepaid customers so that they can enjoy unlimited TikTok usage at an affordable cost. With the Ufone TikTok offer, customers can use 1.5GB to 3GB for 30 days. Enjoy weekly Bitter by Ohle Tea with Ufone’s weekly bittersweet offer. So go to Yvonne with some bitterness!

Resources Validity Subscribe Code Price
1.5GB 7Days *2345# Rs 50 (load)

How To Unsubscribe Ufone Weekly Tiktok Package?

Customers need not unsubscribe from the Ufone Weekly Tiktok package as the offer is valid for 7 days from the time of subscription. To avail of the offer again, customers will have to re-subscribe to the weekly TikTok package.

Telenor Tiktok Packages code

Telenor always creates incredible packages for its customers. We were looking for some TikTok packages and we are making this article for our dear viewers. In this article, we are sharing daily, weekly, and monthly TikTok packages, so if you want any package then read the full article.

Telenor Monthly Tiktok Package

The package offered by Telenor only allows you to use Tik Tok and Snapchat. Dial *121# and get 2000 MB for Tiktok and 100 MB from the Internet. 40 taxes included the validity of 30 days. Telenor has given a monthly Tiktok package in this package you will get 2000MB + 100MB internet data for 30 days just for Rs 40, details are given in the table.

Telenor TikTok Monthly Package Details
How to Activate Dial *121#
Price PKR 40 (incl tax)
Validity 30 Days
Data 2000 MBs + 100MB internet
Status Code *999# in Rs 0.24
Package Info Code Telenor App
How to Unsubscribe Telenor App

Telenor TikTok Weekly – 7 days package

Telenor gives maximum entertainment in this package Telenor is offering 5000MB on weekly basis at a low price so if you are looking for a cheap rate price for a weekly bundle then you get this bundle at PKR 80+ tax. More details are given in the table.

Telenor TikTok Weekly Package Details
How to Active Dial *220#
Price PKR 80 Incl. Tax
Validity 7 days
Data 5000 MBs
Status Code *220*2#
Package Info Code *220*3#
How to Unsubscribe *220*4#

Telenor TikTok Daily packages

Telenor has launched the Daily Basis Tiktok package for its users, in this package, Telenor users can use Tiktok from 6 am to 6 pm and enjoy their time.

Telenor TikTok Daily Package Details
How to Active Dial *10#
Price PKR 15
Validity 12 hours (6 AM to 6 PM)
Data 1500 MBs
Status Code *10*2#
Package Info Code *10*3#
How to Unsubscribe *10*4#

How to Check Remaining Data?

Dial *999# in Rs. 0.24 Charges.

Jazz TikTok Packages 2022

TikTok is the most used application in the world. Due to its ever-introduced new features, this application has become famous. Every common man wants to make videos on this app. Due to its trend and popularity, all the telecom networks have launched new data bundles. These data bundles are specially designed for the TikTok application only.

Jazz TikTok Packages (Daily)

Dial *114*5# and get 30 Mbps 4G internet. This bundle costs PKR 5/- and is valid for 1 day (24 hours) only. The details are given in the table below.

  • Dial *114*5# from Jazz SIM.
  • You will receive 30 Mbps.
  • PKR 5 will be deducted from your account.
  • These Mbps will remain for 1 day.
Package Name: Daily TikTok
Data: 30 Mbps
Price: PKR 5
Validity: 1 Day
SUB-Code: *114*5#
Status Code: *114*5*2#

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Packages

Dial *117*11# and get 50 Mbps internet. This data will be valid for 1 day and will be priced at PKR 12/- only. There are many Jazz Tik Tok packages available for Jazz Tik Tok users so that one can use the package of their choice. Dial the code below to activate the offer. This is an excellent package. Dial *117*14# to get an offer to use Tik Tok.

Package Name: Weekly TikTok
Data: 2,500 Mbps
Price: PKR 50
Validity: 7 Day
SUB-Code: *117*14#
Status Code: *117*14*2#

You Can Check to remain MBs by Dial *117*14*2#.

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package

Dial *117*31# to get a jazz monthly TikTok package. Lastly, we have the 30-day bundle of TikTok. These bundles are specially designed for this app only. You will receive MBs that can access the internet as well as the TikTok app. That’s why users really value these buckets.

Dial *117*31# and receive 3000 Mbps of TikTok for 30 days. The offer price is PKR 500/- only.

Package Name: TikTok Monthly
Data: 3,000 Mbps
Price: PKR 500
Validity: 30 Day
SUB-Code: *117*31#
Status Code: *117*31*2#

Check remaining MB: dial *117*31*2#.

If you are having trouble subscribing to the Jazz Tik Tok package, please let us know in the comment box and share it with your friends.

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