Biology 11th Class Notes All Chapters PDF Download

Biology 11th Class Notes All Chapters PDF Download

Bio stands for life, and biology is the study of life. One of the most fascinating sciences is biology. Biology is a required course for those aspiring to be doctors. It is not a tough topic to grasp. It simply requires more concentration for better preparation. As a result, in order to get into your dream industry, students must work smart as well as hard. We are providing you with the most effective means of preparation. Rafiqq provides you with 1st-year biology Notes pdf.

11th Class Biology Notes Chapter Wise Free Download in PDF English Medium

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Introduction English Medium
2 Biological Molecules English Medium
3 Enzymes English Medium
4 The Cell English Medium
5 Variety of Life English Medium
6 Kingdom Prokaryote (Monera) English Medium
7 The Kingdom Protista(or Protoctista) English Medium
8 Fungi English Medium
9 Kingdom Plantae English Medium
10 Kingdom Animalia English Medium
11 Bioenergetics English Medium
12 Nutrition English Medium
13 Gaseous Exchange English Medium
14 Transport Glossary English Medium

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