BISE Mardan Board 10th Class Islamiat Elective Past Papers

Mardan Board’s all-year 10th Class Islamiat studies papers are online here. Mardan Board’s optional 10th Class past papers are available for viewing and downloading here. The Mardan Board conducts annual Class 10thth 10thinations and Class 10thth annual 10thinations in the months of March and April. Past BISE Mardan Board Class 10th Islamiat Elective Papers.

The increasing use of mobile phones has led to the ability to install applications on Rafiqq.Com, mobile phones and laptops. This availability facilitates all students who spend their time searching for books in different stores. Students can sit in the study room and pass the 10th in a few minutes. English Medium students can also find their Past work on this site. Rafiqq.Com has been updated in English with the students’ Past work. This is a great platform for all students. Past BISE Mardan Board Class 10th Islamiat Elective Papers.

Optional Past papers of Mardan Board

Mardan is also a city of saints and saints in terms of Islam. There are many governmardant and private schools in Multan where many middle school students study Urdu. Class 10th Papers are very important for the intermediate Urdu students of Multan Board, especially for the basic Papers of English Intermediate Urdu in Multan Board. This is because middle Urdu students learn very little English and do not know much English. As a result, most students fail in English in the 10th Class. All 10th Class papers

The solution to this problem is to encourage 10th Classes to prepare for 10th Class prework on Mardan Board Middle Urdu by 2018. The board should prepare these questions. They will get good marks on the 10th. This will solve the problem of students who fail in Mardan. Therefore, 10th Classes are advised to work hard at learning the questions of the Past 5 years.

Matric class papers past Mardan board

Written papers are submitted in March while practical papers are submitted in April. Eleventh and 10th Class annual 10ths are held in May and June each year. Written and practical papers in May and June, respectively. Mardan Board Receives Class 10th 2022 Postcards

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education conducts high school and intermediate level 10thinations in Mardan District and adjoining areas. Every year thousands of general and special students from these areas take matriculation and intermediate 10thinations under the supervision of the Mardan Board. All public and private schools and colleges in these districts are affiliated to BISE Mardan.

Board Mardan’s Intermediate and Intermediate level students know the importance of past papers for getting good marks in 10thinations. Mardan Board Matric Past Papers and Mardan Board Intermediate Past Papers provide complete information to the students about the paper patterns used by the Board and are repeated by the Board in their Past 10thinations and re-10thinations. Provides complete information on important questions.

Mardan Papers for Class 10th Islamiat Elective

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