Check IESCO Electricity Bill Online Print and Download 2023

Check IESCO Electricity Bill Online

Our life revolves around such work which does not have time for itself. Amidst that chaotic work routine, we cannot manage a second to deal with other matters. With that in mind, what if you lose your utility bill? How will you reach out to the service provider to get the duplicate? Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, no more. Our online service allows you to get a replica anytime and anywhere. All you need is reference information, an internet connection, and a smart device to browse our website. Continue reading to know how you can get an IESCO bill online:

online billing system in Pakistan

The age-old practice of paper invoicing is evident even today and has caused nothing but an inconvenience to the consumers. People have to do physical exertion, for which a large part of their precious time is spent. But the beginning of the digital age partially changed the online billing system in Pakistan. Now, the invoice has been digitized providing the facility to search and make payments through various web-based invoicing platforms. But still, digitization and automation have a long way to go to compete with the global trends.

What is IESCO?

Established 22 years ago, IESCO or Islamabad Electric Supply Company is an electric power provider providing clean and safe energy to its 2.8 million consumers with a total capacity of 5,224 MVA. In total, the lives of 25 million people directly depend on its power.

It consists of six districts including the capital city; Islamabad Through 108 Grid Stations- The total area of ​​coverage is divided into four circles: Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Attock.

The company aims to provide uninterrupted electric power to all its consumers to help the educational, social, and industrial sectors flourish. It is committed to expanding its borders and including sustainable energy sources.

Components of IESCO WAPDA Online Bill

You may not even be aware of how many times your service provider has overcharged you for the electricity you never used. The reason for this is your inability to understand utility bills. Bill generation systems involve a good deal of human input; This is why it is vulnerable to errors – the meter reader may miscalculate the reading or print the values ​​incorrectly, either way resulting in overload. Therefore, to avoid being robbed, you must know how to interpret and calculate the charges yourself.

How to check an IESCO bill online?

To IESCO bill online check my reference number, and just follow these steps:

  • You can either check your IESCO Online Bill at the top of this page or you can click here.
  • Obtain the reference number from the old bill and position it in the blank space indicated by the red box below.
  • Select the “Electricity Bill (General & Industrial)” tab.
  • Click the “Submit” button and let it process the information.
  • Your IESCO Com PK Online Bill will be displayed shortly.
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