Check Zong Remaining MBs, Minutes and SMS Free

Zong China Mobile is a Pakistani mobile network operating in Islamabad. It has several bundled deals that include voice, text, and data services for prepaid and postpaid users. This company has more than 26 million clients in Pakistan.

If you activate call SMS and internet bundle on Zong sim, you need to check the rest of the package later. But sometimes Zong users do not consider it appropriate to check the package and later on, when the package expires, their balance starts to be used up. So in this case you should keep checking the package attached to your SIM so that you will know when the package resource has been exhausted and your balance is not lost.

And many times customers want to check free resources as well, so here we will discuss the code and method to check the remaining Zong free resources and remaining packages. Which will help you to check all remaining call SMS and internet data of Zong. So if you really want to know the packages available on Zong sim. Then take some time here so that you can get the best guidance on how to find the remaining minutes SMS and internet MBS in Zong sim.

Check Zong MBs, Minutes, SMS

The code for Zong MB is *102*4#. Dial this code to check your remaining balance from MB Zong. It is very easy to find the rest of the resources on the Internet such as minutes, SMS, or megabytes. Zong has made checking the Internet from MB very easy, so you only need to remember one code and you can check the rest of each package. There is no need to lose separate codes for different packages. Dial code *102#, *1# to check remaining minutes, SMS, and MBS details. After this code is requested, a message will appear with the data remaining in your Zong SIM card. Here is how to check the remaining Zong minutes for SMS and MBS:

All Details*102*1#
Free Remaining Mintus *102*2#
Free Remaining SMS *102*3#
Free Remaining MBs *102*4#

How to check the Zong remaining MBs?

Dial *102# from Zong SIM You will notice that there are few options in the popup. And enter 1 to get all the details about MBS, SMS, and minutes. Log in to get details of the remaining minutes. For the remaining, SMS details send 3.

Enter 4 for the rest of the MBS details.

It also serves to send a text message (1, 2, or 3) to 102 to get the relevant details of the Zong MB verification code. Here you can get it.

Check out Zong MB with Zong e-Care

You can manage your Zong SIM through the Zong e-Care or My Zong app. If you don’t remember the Zong MB verification code, you can use Zong e-Care to easily verify all your account details. Zong e-Care account login: Check SMS messages and internet history. This way you can easily manage your Zong account. Any customer can use it for prepaid or postpaid. It allows you to check all your data easily and for free.

Zong customers can easily manage their packages or make SMS calls and internet history with the Zong e-Care account. All the details related to the My Zong app are given below, you can check it out. Not only can you use MBS internet with this app, but you can also check your remaining free minutes and text messages. So, here we are going to discuss how to check reminders using the app.

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