Computer Science 12th Class Notes All Chapters PDF Free

Computer Science 12th Class Notes All Chapters PDF Free

It is one of the most important topics. Computer science is the study of the theoretical underpinnings of information and the analysis of issues. Students nowadays learn on computers as well. There are notes accessible for intermediate 2nd-year computer science students. These notes can be found on the Rafiqq platform. These notes will undoubtedly be very useful to those who desire to prepare effectively for this topic. These computer notes for 12th grade are available online in pdf format from Rafiqq. Students should study from these notes in order to score well on their exams.

12th Class Computer Science Notes Chapter Wise Free Download in PDF English Medium

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Basic of Information Technology English Medium
2 Basic concept and Terminology English Medium
3 Database Design Process English Medium
4 Data Integrity and Normalization English Medium
5 Introduction to Microsoft access English Medium
6 Table and Query English Medium
7 Microsoft Access-Forms and Reports English Medium
8 Getting started with “C” English Medium
9 Elements of “C” English Medium
10 Input/Output English Medium
11 Decision Constructs English Medium
12 Loop Constructs English Medium
13 Functions in “C” English Medium
14 File Handling in “C” English Medium

If you misplaced or misplaced the notes you prepared on your own, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can quickly get the 2nd year computer notes pdf from here and prepare yourself for the exam.

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These notes are well-organized and created in accordance with your PTB.

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