Honda CG 125 New Model Bike Price, Pics 2024

New Honda 125 Model Price, Pics Review & Specs

As of today, the Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023 is priced at Rs. 234,900, while the self-start model of the Honda 125 motorcycle is priced at Rs. 294,900. Check the table below for the latest price list of Honda 125 in 2023.

Atlas Honda has launched the 2024 Honda CG 125 model, which prominently features a new sticker design called “Navi Patti” or “Tanki Tappa Sticker”. While the motorcycle looks similar to last year’s model, Atlas Honda claims it has made 77 improvements for a better riding experience. However, the visual changes are minimal. You might be wondering about the price, specs and features of Honda 125 2024 in Pakistan.

Atlas Honda is the largest motorcycle brand company of Pakistan which manufactures a large number of motorcycles in Pakistan. People across the country trust its products. Here is the new Honda CG 125 2024 model for Pakistanis. Its production in Pakistan started in 1962 and a large number of Honda 125 New Model 2024 motorcycles are running on the roads and people buy this 125 New Model 2024 as soon as it comes in the market.

CG Honda 125 New Model Bike Price

Are you looking for Honda 125 price in Pakistan? So you can get all the information about Honda 125 in this article. Keep reading for more details on the 125 bike, features, petrol average and more. Everyone knew that Honda is one of the best selling brands in Pakistan as well as in the world. It is also the number 1 company of Pakistan because the citizens of Pakistan like it the most. It is known for its durable, reliable and cost effective products. Other Chinese companies are also in the market but no one can compete with Honda. Their prices are slightly higher than other local automobile industries. But when we talk about quality, people ignore it.

This year will bring a revolution in the automobile sector as many automobile companies are claiming to bring new technology and ideas. Below is a picture of the new model Honda 125. Here we talk about four reasons why the upcoming Honda CG 125 5 Gear will be the best among its competitors.

Honda CG 125 New Model 2024 Price

2024 new model honda 125 price in Pakistan is “PKR 234,900/=”. A difference of a few hundred can be found from one district to another. Honda motorcycle prices have been increased for the third time in the year 2024. Honda 125 new motorcycle price has been changed and Honda 125 price has increased from 1st May 2024. Honda 125 prices have been hiked for the third time this year. Honda 125 Bike New Model 2024. 7000 increase in the price of Rs.

You can see that the new Honda 125 sticker looks better and more unique than the previous model’s sticker. So, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an automobile is its engine. Honda CG125 125 cc is powered by an overhead-valve engine (OHV engine).

The latest price of a Honda 125 in Pakistan is PKR 234,900 which you can now buy from any official Atlas Honda showroom in Pakistan. The CG 125S costs more than the CG 125. The new price of CG 125S in Pakistan is 234,900.

New Honda 125 Model Price, Pics Review & Specs

New CG 125 Properties & Specifications

Engine Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV
Hole and stroke 56.5 x 49.5mm
Beginning Fast start
Last gear roller chain
Transmission 4 speed constant reticle
Size (LxWxH) 1912 x 735 x 1026 mm
seat height 764 mm
Ground clearance 132 mm
Gasoline Capacity 9.2 liters (reserve: 2 liters)
Wheelbase 1204 mm
Tire front 2.50 – 18 (4 sb)
Tire rear 3.00 – 17 (6 PB)
Front suspension Telescopic fork, 103 mm travel
Pendant Back Swing arm, 68 mm travel
Dry weight 100 kg

The type of engine used here is the same as before. Therefore, if someone needs some repairs, there are hundreds of expert mechanics working with this type of engine for a long time. The gear shift is so smooth that you can hardly feel the shift. This engine is more powerful than its rival Yamaha YB 125 Z. This engine gives you an average of 32-35 kilometers. Honda CG125 is perfect for long drives on-road as well as off-road. Its fuel tank capacity is 9.2 liters (2 liters reserve). With these features in CG125, the price of Honda 125K 2022 model will be higher than the previous model in Pakistan.

Hence, this Honda CG 125 motorcycle has more prominent drums on both the wheels. That’s why this motorbike has very smooth brakes, although disc brakes are not available. But these brakes work great in all conditions, whether you’re going fast or traveling off-road. The shape and sticker design provided by the company is stunning, and the Honda CG 125 is undoubtedly known for its beautiful and elegant shape. This model is available in two different colors red and black.

Honda CG 125 is good in power and looks, but before this model it was considered one of the most uncomfortable motorbikes. The reason for this is its powerful engine as well as high power. The rider feels increased vibration. Now vibration has been significantly reduced in this model by providing extremely comfortable seat bars.

Honda 125 2024 Model Price, Pics Review & Specs

The vehicle’s “pickup” or “speed” is very high, which means it can achieve very high speeds in the short term. But because of this plus point, it consumes a lot of fuel.
The demand for this specialty has increased significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

After examining all the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda CG 125, its price may be higher. Hence, Honda 125 price in Pakistan will be slightly higher as the Pakistani government charges a lot of taxes from the automobile industry. This is the reason why the prices of cars in Pakistan increase every year. But the other motors of the 125 bike make its features useful to buy. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the price of 125 new models.

Features of Honda CG 125

As the title suggests, the bike is powered by a 124cc engine, equipped with a 4-stroke, OHV innovation. Its efficient air-cooling device prevents the machine from overheating, especially during long journeys on hot days. The seat structure is 771 mm, so a person of normal height can ride the bike without any strain. Ground clearance and wheelbase are estimated at 140mm and 1201mm, individually, adding up to 99kg dry load to make the drive stable, smooth and stable. It is mounted on an eco-friendly motorcycle engine, the fuel tank is spacious enough to hold 9.2 liters of petrol. Along these lines, a single refill can give you a range of around 500 km.

Honda CG 125 Competitors

The main competitors of Honda 125 in the Pakistani market are Yamaha YBR 125, Road Prince 125, Ravi Piaggio 125 and United 125. Yamaha YBR 125 comes with a larger fuel tank and better fuel consumption. Its compression ratio is better than CG 125 and its ground clearance is also higher. Honda CG 125 beats Yamaha YBR 125 in terms of affordability as the price of CG 125 is much lower than YBR.

The Road Prince 125 has a larger fuel capacity and better compression ratio compared to the Honda CG 125. The Road Prince 125 also has an electric motor starting feature which the CG 125 does not have. It is also bigger in size and has better stability.

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Honda could have introduced some innovations to its popular models, but it chose to stick to the same old formula – why fix what ain’t broke. As anticipated, the new 125 has been launched with new stickers; However, the specifications and features remain unchanged. While Atlas Honda claims that 77 improvements have been made for a better riding experience for consumers, we hope this is true, as the visual changes are minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s New in the 2024 Honda CG 125?

According to Atlas Honda, there is nothing new on the 2024 Honda CG 125 compared to last year’s model except for an all-new decal called “NAWEE PATTI”. Do you think Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan 2024 is fair?

What is the price of 125 CG 2024 in Pakistan?

The price of the new Honda CG 125 2024 model in Pakistan is Rs 234,900.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Honda CG 125?

Honda CG 125 fuel average is 45.0 KM/L

Which bikes are similar to Honda CG 125?

Similar to Honda CG 125 are Suzuki GS 150, Aprilia RS 125, Metro MR 125, Hero RF 125, United States 125 Euro II.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Honda CG 125?

The fuel tank capacity of Honda CG 125 is 9.2 liters.

What is the engine displacement of Honda CG 125?

Engine displacement of Honda CG 125 is 125cc.

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Honda could have introduced some innovations to its popular models, but it chose to stick to the same old formula – why fix what ain’t broke. As expected, the new 125 has been launched with new stickers; However, the specifications and features will remain unchanged. While Atlas Honda claims that 77 improvements have been made for a better riding experience for consumers, we hope this is true, as the visual changes are minimal.

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