How to Activate Zong Double Number?

What is a Double Number (Second Number)?

Double is a kind of virtual number that will work on your primary prepaid SIM card. You can activate double numbers on all sim cards in Pakistan. But to activate this service on your SIM card, you will have to pay a very small fee. You then receive message calls to your virtual number. If you want to make a call from a virtual number, then you have to enter a special code before dialing the number. And your virtual call and SMS charges are deducted from your primary SIM card.

Second Zong Double Number “No need to send two mobiles or two phones with dual sim, this help allows you to get an additional number with your main number on the same sim and handle your balance between fun and serious stuff.

How to Subscribe to Zong Double Number?

  • 4600 set up for these subscriptions from the second number. SMS to
  • Dial IVR 4600 if you haven’t subscribed.
Service Name: Double Number
SUB: Dial 4600
to 4600
UN-SUB: SMS “Unsub”
to 4600
UN-SUB: Dial IVR 4600
Prepaid SUB Price: Rs. 1+Tax/Day
Postpaid SUB Price: PKR 30/Month

How to activate Zong Double Number?

Zong offers double the number of services to its prepaid customers at affordable prices. You can activate double numbers by following these steps.

  • First of all, go to the message box of your phone.
  • Click Compose a message. and write “sub”.
  • Then send this message to 4600.
  • Your number will be chosen randomly.
  • After a few moments, you will receive a reply message from Zong with your double number details.
  • The double number subscription fee is Re 1 per day.

How to use another number?

To call or text a number other than your second number, dial 46 before the requested number.

Common Number: 0311-XXXX456 Second Number: 0312-YYYY456

How to call another number with a Zong dual number?

If you want to call a regular number (0311-XXXX456) from the second number given to you (0312-YYYY456), please call 46 before the regular number (eg 460311-XXXX456). The CLE receipt for the part will show you the second assigned number (0312-YYYY456) on your screen.

How to send SMS from another number?

If you want to send an SMS from the second specified number (0312-YYYY456) to the subscriber number (0311-XXXX456), write your message and “46” before the regular number (460311-XXXX456). Add. The receiving party will receive an SMS from another specified number (0312-YYYY456).
For other messages and incoming calls:

The user receives all incoming calls and texts with the old number 46 and then the regular number.

If you receive a regular number (0311-XXXX456) call or SMS to your second number (0312-YYYY456), the second number will receive a call/text to your second number with the prefix 46 (460311-XXXX456).

Details of Zong Double Number Code

Service name Zong Double Number Code
Subscription Dial 4600 from your Zong SIM
Subscription Send SMS “SUB” to 4600 from your Zong SIM
Un-Subscription Dial IVR 4600 from your Zong SIM
Un-Subscription Send SMS “Unsub” to 4600 from your Zong SIM
Prepaid subscription cost Rs. 1+Tax/Day
Post-paid subscription cost Rs.30+Tax/month

Compensation for postpaid customers

  • Primary number calls and SMS will be received as per the customer’s rate plan.
  • 1.60 rupees/min tax will be charged on the second call.
  • Other digital text messages with 0.50+ tax/message will be charged Rs 500
  • Membership fee: 30,000 rupees + taxes / month
  • 4600 IVR will be taxed at the rate of Rs 10.20/min
  • 0.20 + tax / SMS 4612.000 will be charged by SMS

Terms and conditions

  • Zong prepaid and postpaid customers can get the second number service.
  • The user can get the second number through SMS / IVR.
  • Only one number can be made against the Aadhaar number.
  • The balance amount cannot be transferred to another number as it will only be used for CLI purposes.
  • Users cannot receive SMS and Voicemail on another number.
  • Customers with an SMS container will be charged Rs 10.50 for each SMS sent to the second number.
  • Users cannot transfer their other numbers.
  • The second number will be active for at least 6 months* for all users, regardless of usage.