I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme for All Boards

I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme for All Boards

I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board.I.Com Part 2 Paper Scheme Pak Studies, students are provided with a pairing scheme before conducting the 12th class annual examination so that they can use it during the exam preparation phase. be able to take advantage. The 12th Class 2023 Pairing Scheme has been issued to the candidates and they can prepare for the upcoming exams. The main reason for introducing pair scheme is to facilitate the students and keep them updated on the distribution of questions from the chapters covered in the syllabus. So, candidates need to check the Pairing Scheme 2023 Pakistan Studies and prepare a plan to prepare for the annual examinations. I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board.

Pairing Scheme I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies

The paper scheme is released separately for all the subjects of class XII and every year the officials provide the paper scheme, so candidates are advised to check the released scheme for the current year and prepare accordingly. I candidates can check the SMART syllabus wise peer plan for the second year 2021 without any hassle. Most of the admission Notes for Class 11 in 2023 will be announced in June, a month before the exam. It is recommended that students keep in touch with our website, as Rafiqq.com will notify you as soon as the date sheet is received.

I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies Pairing Scheme

Prepare for the exam as soon as possible. You can also check the online date table on our website. The date table plays an important role in the preparation of the exam, because after the declaration of the date table, students start to study and follow their schedule. Students start preparing for the topics which they feel need more attention, and how much time do you need to complete all the courses. It is recommended that students prepare a timetable as per the specified dates given on the date sheet. Rafiqq.com provides you internal date sheet and paper partner to prepare students for the exam.

“Remember that the 12th class pair scheme of pure studies changes every year. Every year the paper is prepared according to the new schedule. Hence, this schedule is for the year 2022 only. I will update this page next year for 2023.”

Punjab Board I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies

They follow the schedule after the date list announcement. As a student, a date table is essential and can be used to determine the overall timetable. In the 2023 11th class students are eagerly waiting for the 2023 11th class exam date table. It is recommended that students contact Rafiqq.com for all the latest updates regarding the schedule and its annual examinations. Students can easily check their unofficial schedule online so that they can start preparing for the annual exam. The official date table is mostly updated one month before the annual exam. Students must continue to check all the updates regarding the exam and schedule on our website. The official website of our page is Rafiqq.com Students constantly visit our website to get all the latest information.

Class 12 Pakistan Study Paper Scheme

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:      TIME:15 MIN                 MARKS:10

1 1 1 9 9 1
2 2 1 10 10 1
3 3 1 11 11 0
4 4 1
5 5 1
6 6 1
7 7 1
8 8 0

SHORT QUESTIONS                    SECTION   -1                           Marks:24

Q.2Attempt 6 out of 9 (Marks-12) Q.3Attempt 6 out of  9   (Marks-12)
Chapter           No.  of Question Chapter                      No. of  Question
 1                          2 6                                    2
 2                          1 7                                    2
3                           2 8                                    1
4                           2  9                                   1
5                           1 10                                  1
Corona Virus        1 11                                   2

LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 2 out of 3)      SECTION – II                       Total Marks:  16

Q. NO. 4 Chapter No. Q. NO. 5 Chapter No. Q. NO. 6 Chapter No.
Marks-8 1  OR  2 Marks-8 4   OR    5 Marks -8 6 OR 8 OR 9

I.Com Part 2 Pak Studies

Candidates looking for the Pak Studies Peering Scheme can access it directly from this platform. In addition, candidates can view peer-to-peer schemes for other subjects as per their chosen study group. The pair scheme is offered to students of all intermediate study groups including arts, humanities and sciences. Stay tuned to Educationshell.com for more updates on the Pairing Scheme 2nd Year 2021 Pak Studies and check out the latest updates. To get good marks before the exam.

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