Jazz 4G Device Wifi and Wingle Packages 2022

Jazz, a leading telecom company with a huge customer base in Pakistan, believes in high calling quality. That’s why it strives to provide the best services to customers to keep in touch with their loved ones. The company offers affordable calling, texting, and internet packages. To keep in touch with your loved ones and keep up with your surroundings, Jazz also offers affordable internet packages for WiFi and MiFi 4G devices.

All users who own Jazz Internet equipment in this article will learn about all the affordable packages offered by Jazz. Jazz internet devices include Jazz Super 4G WiFi, Super 4G Wingle, and Jazz Home WiFi. If you buy 60GB Rs.1500/ then you will get 3GB extra data for your mobile phone and if you buy 150GB rs.2500/ then you will get 7GB mobile data with the Plus package offer.

Jazz WiFi Device Features 2022

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of Jazz Internet devices, namely Jazz Super 4G WiFi, Super 4G Wingle, and Jazz Home WiFi. The Jazz Super 4G WiFi has a 2300mAh battery with micro SD card support up to 32GB. WPS provides you with WiFi. Apart from that, the device offers you a 4G speed of up to 150Mbps. The Jazz Super 4G Wingle also comes with microSD card support of up to 32GB. You can connect up to 12 devices to Jazz Super 4G Wingle at the same time. Jazz Home WiFi provides you with long-distance WiFi. It gives you a 4G speed of up to 150Mbps.

Subscribe or change packages

Connect to your Jazz MBB device via WiFi. Log in to the device portal http://jazz.wifi/ USSD Dial *6363#. Call the Jazz Helpline 111 Visit your nearest Jazz store. Dial *6363# from your other Jazz number.

How to buy Jazz WiFi devices?

If you are planning to buy a Jazz WiFi device, you can get it easily. All you have to do is visit Jazz Point or the retailers, then check biometrics and select the package of your choice. To subscribe to the package, you need to go to the nearest Jazz retailer or dial *6363# from your device or other Jazz contact numbers.

Recharge and bundle subscription

You can top up your MBB number by following the steps below: Get a Jazz Load, do not give MBB from the retailer. Top up your MBB with your JazzCash mobile account. Use the card to scratch Connect to the device’s WiFi and go to the device’s portal http://jazz.wifi/. Connect to a WiFi device and use the Jazz WiFi app. Dial *6363# from any other registered MBB contact number.

Jazz 4G WiFi Device Packages 2022

Here we share Jazz 4G WiFi Device Package 2022 for the customers to activate any of the following packages to enjoy super 4G speed on their devices through Jazz 4G devices.

Monthly Internet Basic RS.999 12.5 GB useable
1 am – 9 am
30 Days
Monthly Internet Regular RS.1500 60GB (30 GB useable
1 am – 9 am)
30 Days *117*73#
Monthly Mega Internet RS.2000 100GB (50 GB useable
1 am – 9 am)
30 Days *117*36#
Monthly Heavy Internet RS.2500 150GB (75 GB useable
1 am – 9 am)
30 Days *117*74#
3 Month Bundle RS.5500 50 GB 3 Month *117*15#
6 Month Bundle RS.12000 100 GB 6 Month *117*16#

Note: These packages are for both Jazz 4G WiFi devices and Jazz 4G Wingle devices.

How to Activate Your Jazz 4G WiFi Device in 2022

Hence, these details about the Jazz 4G WiFi device price and 2022 package along with the device features. You can buy a Jazz 4G device online, whereas Jazz 4G Wingle can be purchased from any Jazz franchise after your PTA verification. You will need to bring a CNIC card and photocopy with you.

The device and Jazz 4G SIM will be issued on your CNIC and PTA biometric system. After purchasing the device, you need to open it and insert the battery after carefully opening its back cover. When you turn on the Jazz 4G device and connect it to your mobile or PC, it will have a password written on the back cover.

Terms and conditions

  • All packages are deactivated at once and will not be automatically subscribed to. These packages are also available in MBB sim and data SIM.
  • Internet offers can be subscribed to and used on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation networks.
  • To recharge the package and subscription, the customer can visit the nearest Jazz retailer or use the other options available to recharge a prepaid Jazz number.
  • To check recharge, bundle subscription, and usage, dial *MBB6363# from any other contact number. To check recharge, bundle subscription, and usage, go to http://jazz.wifi/ and dial *6363# via device WiFi.
  • The MB portion of the monthly package is for night use (1-9 pm) and the remaining MB can be used 24 hours a day.
  • Basic: 15 GB (24 hours) + 15 GB (1 am to 9 pm) @ Rs. 999. Normal: 30 GB (24 hours) + 30 GB (usable from 1 AM to 9 PM) @ Rs. 1500. Heavy: 75 GB (24 hours) + 75 GB (usable from 1 AM to 9 PM) @ Rs. 2500.
  • Preference for accuracy and usage: The validity of the MB quota for nightly (1 am-9 am) and full-day (24h) use will be 30 days.
  • Preference will be given to excess usage over the megabyte quota for nightly usage (1 am to 9 am). Once the night quota is exhausted, the usage quota will be available for 24 hours.