Jazz Daily Internet Packages List with Code Details

Jazz Daily Internet Packages List with Code Details

Jazz monthly internet package

Jazz is offering 3G and 4G services to its users. Jazz Monthly Internet Package plans are affordable to access entire month’s internet data. Most of the people use Jazz service for regular internet use. Jazz Internet service is loved by millions of people.

Jazz gives extra credit for reusing old jazz sims to stay connected to the jazz network. 1500 MBS and 1500 SMS along with 50 Warid and Jazz calling minutes are given. Users need to reactivate old SIM and dial *551#, free data and posted minutes at the same time. Jazz includes a range of monthly package plans with different MBS and calling minutes.

Jazz internet packages monthly

Jazz Monthly Plans are available under the names of Jazz Great Savings Offer, Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer, Jazz Monthly Browser Offer. Each package has different advantages to meet different user needs. Check monthly package plans below with detail button and get complete details. Choose your Desire Jazz Monthly Internet Package and enjoy Jazz Services.

Jazz 30-Day Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz offers 30 days, monthly internet packages for the convenience of its customers so that you can talk to your relatives, friends and enjoy internet throughout 30 days. The details of Jazz’s monthly internet packages are given in the table below.

Package Detail Price (Rs.) Validity Dial Code
Jazz Monthly Mega Offer 8 GB Internet (4 GB for 2 am to 2 pm) 375.00 30 Days *117*31#
Jazz Monthly Browser Offer 4 GB Internet (2 GB for 2 am to 2 pm) 215.00 30 Days *117*77#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer 20 GB Internet (10 GB for 2 am to 2 pm) 885.00 30 Days *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Offer 5 GB Internet 120.00 30 Days *117*34#
Monthly Mega Plus 12 GB (6 GB for 2 am to 2 pm) 600.00 30 Days *117*30#

Jazz 4G Internet packages

Apart from the daily, weekly and monthly package plans, Jazz has introduced several other package plans to target more customers. A very popular 3 day package which includes 1GB internet data for just Rs.30. Jazz Customers Dial *631# to activate this package. This bundle is a non-recurring instrument, after expiration this package will never automatically charge you for the next subscription.

Jazz Infinity Browser is the package in the below package list which can be used to serve internet. The cost of this package is Rs 80 plus tax. Other details of Jazz Infinity Browser can be viewed by clicking on the Detail button.

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