Jazz Weekly Calls Packages List and Code 2022

Jazz Weekly Call Packages is much sought after and economical for every person who wants to get in touch with their loved ones. Jazz is a well-known and trusted mobile network in Pakistan. Its impressive but reasonable Jazz Weekly call package attracts many customers.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages are a must for the people of the present era. People have to go through various activities in their daily routine. In order to perform the duties, they have to be in touch with the concerned persons through mobile and mobile networks like Jazz, etc.

Jazz Weekly Calls Packages List and Code

Over time, Jazz experienced massive growth, eventually reaching around 55 million users and Jazz became the largest telecom network in Pakistan. Without a doubt, Jazz has introduced new services to its users, offering incredible packages for calls, SMS, and internet and captivating customers by simplifying their obsessive days. This is the reason why more and more users are turning to jazz. For the convenience of the customers, Jazz offers daily, weekly, and monthly calling packages as per their requirements. These various Jazz call packages provide options for customers so that they can easily meet their needs.

Package Name  Volume Charges Validity Subscription Code
Jazz Weekly Offer: 2000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 2000 SMS, 2000 MB Internet RS 110 (Incl. tax) 7 Days  *627#
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer 1500 On-Net Minutes, 60 Off-Net Minutes, 3000MBs Internet +1500 SMS Rs. 210(Incl. tax) 7 Days *770#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus 5000 Free On-Net+ 70 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 SMS, 12 GB Internet (6 GB from 2AM-2PM) Rs. 250 (Incl. tax) 7 Days *505#
Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only) 1000 On-Net Minutes, 50
Free Off-Net Minutes, 1000
Free SMS, 1GB of Internet
RS 120 (Incl. tax) 7 Days *747#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid 1000 On-Net Minutes, Off-Net 20 Minutes, 1000 SMS, 1GB Internet Rs.120 (Incl. tax) 7 Days *407#
Jazz Weekly All Network 100 On-net+ 60 Off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, 2GB Internet Rs. 170 7 Days *700#

Weekly Hybrid Jazz Offers

Jazz’s Hybrid Weekly Deal offers all incentives at one standard price and is best suited to those who have a lot of work ahead of their smartphones. With this offer, you get 1000 minutes on the net, 20 minutes on the net, 1000 SMS and 500MB of data. The price of the parcel is 170 rupees (tax included). Dial *407# to subscribe to the offer. If you want to know the status of your package, you can dial *407*2#.

Weekly jazz offer on the Internet

Jazz Weekly All Internet offers additional incentives on all services. With this package, you get 1000 minutes of internet, 60 minutes of the network, 2000 MB of internet, and 1000 SMS. You will pay 170 Pakistani rupees for this package. However, the required increase for the package is 192 PKR (tax inclusive). Dial *700# to subscribe to the offer and *700#2 if you want to know the status of the call.

Jazz Super Diaper Weekly Offer

The weekly Jazz Super Duper offer is comprehensive and caters to all user needs for a week. It saves 1500 ms over the network, 50 minutes over the network, 1500 SMS, and 3000 MB of data on PKR 210 (tax included). To subscribe to the offer, dial *770#, and if you want to know the status of your package, dial *770#. Jazz Super Weekly Plus:

Jazz Super Weekly Plus Offer

This is a huge package that offers 5,000 network minutes, 70 network minutes, 5,000 text messages, and 12 GB of internet. However, out of 12GB, only 6GB can be used between 2 pm. and 2 in the afternoon. 250 Pakistani rupees (inclusive of tax) will be collected for this offer. To subscribe to the offer, dial *505# for status, *505#2*. Jazz Work From Home Package: This is a great offer and more suitable for the student community who have to work from home due to danger. from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Jazz Work From Home package offers 10GB of data with unlimited network minutes at the price of PKR95 (tax included). The offer is valid for seven days and can only be used between 8:00 AM. And dial *117*#14 to subscribe to M.Offer at 6:00 PM.

Jazz Super Weekly Max

Jazz Weekly Max offer is a huge hybrid offer to cater to entrepreneurs or business owners. With this offer you get 30 GB of data, of which 10 GB can be used between 2 PM. and 2 PM, while only 10GB is provided for YouTube streaming. Apart from that, you get 6000 network minutes, 60 network minutes, and 6000 text messages. Users will pay 337 rupees (tax included) for this offer. Dial *506# to subscribe to the offer.

Sargodha Weekly Offer

This offer is available exclusively to citizens residing in Sargodha. It offers 2,000 playtime minutes, 2,000 text messages, and 2GB of internet for seven days. Users will be charged Pakistani Rupees 89 (incl. tax) for this offer. Dial *627# to subscribe to the offer and *627#2 to check the status.

Jazz Haftavar All Rounder Show

This is an exciting offer because it offers all the incentives at an affordable price. With this package, you get 1,000 network minutes, 50 network minutes, 1,000 text messages, and 250 MB of data. This offer is available at PKR 120 (tax included). To subscribe, dial *747#, and if you want to know the status, dial *747#2.

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