Check LESCO Electricity Bill Online, Print & Download 2023

Check LESCO Electricity Bill Online, Print & Download

Are you having trouble checking your LESCO bill online? Have you done it the wrong way? Or maybe you received your bill at home, but then it rained, and you can no longer tell the exact figures you have to pay. For the reasons mentioned above and many more, it has become important to be able to check your LESCO electricity bill online through reliable means. Plus, it’s a more solid option than standing in a long queue on an unbearably hot day.

Before I learned about LESCO Online Bill Checking, I remember my mom fret. He believed that the postman would slip our bills through the gate after the first week of every month. Unfortunately, two weeks had passed and we had to ask the people in our neighborhood to find out the secret of our missing Bill.

Surprisingly, out of the eight houses on our street, five had received their bills. At this point, we started playing Sherlock – maybe it was too fast, maybe our dog chewed on it, or maybe it’s still around, and we just need to check more.

online billing in Pakistan

Online billing is not a recent trend. It was introduced in Pakistan more than ten years ago. Before the introduction of billing through online means, most people have been paying their bills manually by queuing outside banks or by transferring them through EasyPaisa.

From paying utility bills to Uber riders, you can now use your credit card details to shop at a variety of stores and take advantage of a variety of services instead of paying cash. Nevertheless, the online billing system has gained immense popularity in Pakistan.

Even with local companies expanding on digital platforms, there has been an intense focus of various brands on digital marketing, online shopping, and the improvement of online payment methods, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

What is LESCO?

LESCO is an electricity supply company in Pakistan covering Okara, Lahore, Kasur, and Sheikhpura districts. Initially, it was managed by various private and public sector companies under the WAPDA Act. Over time and with the establishment of the Area Electricity Board, LESCO began serving area-specific facilities.

After some time the privatization monopoly prompted Lesco to identify with the goal of commercialization. With eight operation cycles and 44 divisions, LESCO aims to take the lead among other electric companies in Pakistan in 2022.

How to Check your Online LESCO Bill?

Step 1: Click here to view this page

Step 2: Enter your reference number

As seen in the picture, you have the option to view, download or go to the customer menu. If you do not receive your reference number, you can proceed to the next step to see how to use your Customer ID to view your bill.

Step 3: Enter your Customer ID

After entering your customer ID, click on View Bill.

If you have mistyped your Customer ID, you can hit the reset button to clear the tab. You can also choose to go to the customer menu option to check your consumption and payment history, view your account status, or request a new reference number.

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