Pak Studies Notes BS Botany 1st Semester 2022

Pak Studies Notes BS Botany 1st Semester

Pak Studies Notes 2022 BS Botany 1st, Sem. Degree College 17 Block is starting on 8th December (2019) so all the assignments are present on this website. Visit our page for the latest updates. BS Botany Notes 2022 All Chapters. Lessons BS Botany Notes are organized by the students to promote self-study. We recommend that students solve the exercises given at the end of BS Botany Notes in Part 2 of F.Sc on their own. This way they can analyze their preparation Class. Pak Studies Notes 2022 BS Botany 1st, Sem.

BS Botany 1st Semester Pak Study Notes

Provide online study notes to students through the entire sequence. For example, this page provides you with notes on Islam. Urdu is one of the compulsory courses of Intermediate education. Also, you can find class 12 English notes and maths grade 12 notes, and study notes for all other science and arts subjects. So, don’t waste your time reading these notes, as they will help you to score the highest marks in the exam. Islamiyat has made some progress in the Class of secondary education.

Notes BS Botany 1st Semester Pak Studies

They will realize their shortcomings. According to these ideas, they will surely get good grades in the class examinations and eventually do well in the examination. Also, if the students do not answer the questions and solve the problems, they will surely fail the exam. Finally, students can ask any query about Islamiatt Notes F.Sc Part 2 without any hesitation, and we will do our best to answer all your questions. Many students can also take advantage of this by asking questions.

Pak Study Notes BS Botany 1st Semester

The exchange of information is always helpful for everyone. We wish all the best to every student passing through the crucial phase of the examination. Class 12 Urdu study notes are added after the start of your study course, you must prepare for the exam and not waste a day. This is because in order to reach the end of the first game, you have to move one step from the starting point. Firstly, students are advised to first go through the online study notes for lesson 12. Students can find online study notes for almost all courses and all subjects of a single course.

College Govt.Degree College 17/Block
Class Pak Study assignment for BS Student
Year 2021
keyword Pak Study assignment for BS Students degree college 17/Block,
Qualification BS Class for Pak Study assignment

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Pak Study Notes BS B.SC & BA Urdu Medium Download
Pak Study Notes BS B.SC & BA Urdu Medium Download
Pak Study Notes BS B.SC & BA English Medium Download

Final Term Paper Spring 2021 (Previous Paper )

Final Tern Paper Spring 2021 (Previous Paper )
Paper Pak Studies
Credit HoursĀ (2 )
Botany 1st Semester
Q: NO 2
Give the Answers of the Following short questions:
1- Write Down two Features of Constitution of 1962 ?
2- Write down any two reason of Separation of East pakistan ?
3- Write down any two points if objective resolution ?
4- What is the Indus Water Treaty ?

Q.3 Write a brief note on the role of Quid e Azam as first Governor General of Pakistan ?
Q.4 Discuss Pakistan China Realtions ?
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