Pakistan Engineering Congress Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 2022

The eligibility criteria for the Pakistan Engineering Conference Scholarship 2022 apply online. The Pakistan Engineering Conference is offering scholarships for the 2020 MS / Undergraduate Engineering Studies session, PEC 744 scholarships worth Rs. 4000/- per month, of which 200 scholarships are in operation.

Eligibility criteria

Students (graduate/teacher) registered in any engineering discipline can apply

Students who do not use any other scholarship from any source, etc.

Those with an exam performance of 75% or less than a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) are not eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria for Pakistan Engineering Conference Scholarship 2022


Click here to receive the online application form, duly completed with the required information, and send a hard copy of it in person/mail to the conference venue with the following attachments (for a hard copy here, click on the online application form);

Don’t give wrong information

So please write the correct/correct name of the university, sub-campus, address, etc.

Hence, term and exam duration, date of result announcement, and age GPA/% must be mentioned in the semester result card.

Attach documents in the order shown below


Certified copies of CNIC and University ID cards

Certified copies of the final exam mark card stating the cumulative GPA/percentage for age and term length

Hence, a certificate attested by the university that you are not using any other scholarship from any source, etc.

Certified copies of bachelor’s and master’s degrees

Hence a certified copy of the salary certificate/voucher/retirement voucher for all family members who earn.

statement of purpose

Hence, any other relevant documents are required to support your application. For the latest updates visit our

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