Telenor 4G Device Wifi and Wingle Packages 2022

Telenor has updated the Telenor 4G 2022 price and package. All Telenor users who are enjoying 4G internet through Telenor Wi-Fi devices can check the latest pricing and package details through this post. Telenor has switched from 3G to 4G and all of its internet plans are available for 4G. A mobile phone case that is not compatible with 4G networks can provide 3G speeds.

This carrier is ideal for providing the fastest and fastest internet anytime, anywhere. Always use the complete and easy-to-use package as the best package on the internet. Initially, the internet was accessed exclusively through a SIM card with mobile phones, but now the technology is up to date and you have the option to purchase a 4G device to access the internet.

Telenor 4G Device Packages List

So if you are interested in availing Telenor 4G device price and package 2022, then this is the right place where I have written everything related to devise price, package plane, and their prices as per GB and MB. Also, use of chargeable devices and portable devices are available which you can get by scrolling down this page.

Telenor is offering Telenor 4G 2022 hardware packages to its customers. One can subscribe to any of the following packages in any of the suites. Wingle is one such device available in portable USB format that you need to plug and play. So here are some of the packages you can subscribe to on your 4G Wingle device.

Bundle Price Details Validity
Telenor 4G Monthly Unlimited Package (MiFi / Dongle) Rs 6000 275 GBs of 3G or 4G data. 30Days
Telenor 4G Value Monthly Package (Device Only) Rs3800 150 GB of Free Internet Data 30Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Smart Package (Device Only) Rs2200 75 GB of free internet Data 30Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Light Package (MiFi / Dongle) Rs1500 36GB of internet Data 30Days

Telenor 4G Wingle and Wifi Device price?

In our discussion about the price of the Telenor 4G in 2022, we now tell you about the price of the Wingle. Telenor 4G Personal or MIFI prices vary. The latest Telenor 4G price in Pakistan 2022 is now available here. If you want to buy a USB Wingle, Telenor 4G Wingle will be priced at Rs. 3300

How to check the remaining Resources of the Telenor 4G device?

When you get the price of the Telenor 4G device and the 2022 package, you should also know the rest of the megabytes. If you want to check the remaining data on your Telenor 4G device, here is how to check for MB remaining on your Telenor 4G device.

  • Open Google Chrome and search
  • Now login as an administrator using your username and password.
  • Now select the Internet Volume Check option and re-enter your name and password.
  • The rest of the MBS members will be in front of you.

How do Change the password Of the Telenor 4G device?

  • If you want to change the Wi-Fi password for your Telenor 4G, then follow these steps.
  • Open Google Chrome or any other internet browser and search for 192.168.81.
  • Now login as an administrator using your username and password. Now go to settings.
  • Select the WLAN configuration option. Enter the old password and the new password to change your password.
  • Terms and Conditions Connect and Play The device can be connected to a USB power source or to a computer.
  • It can be used for 4G/3G/2G networks. You can connect up to 10 devices.