Ufone Balance Share Code and Details 2022

In this article, we will discuss the Ufone balance share service also known as UShare by Ufone. You can use this service to share the balance with other customers. Dial this code for Ufone Ushare from the Ufone number. Ufone is one of the largest network companies in Pakistan.

Like other companies in Pakistan, this network also allows its users to share their balance with other numbers just by dialing the code. Now you can use this balance share service with your friends and family. Ufone currently provides food for international roaming to over 288 live administrators in over 160 countries.

how to share the Ufone balance?

Ufone balance share code is *828*number*amount#. Any prepaid customer can easily transfer the balance from one SIM to another using this method. So without wasting time, let’s see how to share the Ufone balance.

  • Dial *828*Number*Amount# For Balance Transfer.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Now reply to the message by 1.
  • Minimum transferable amount Rs. 10
  • The maximum transferable amount is Rs. 200
  • Ufone USshare can be used up to four times a day
  • Available for prepaid customers only
  • Both will receive a confirmation message.
  • Rupee. 4.77 will be charged for the Ufone balance share
  • Only Ufone to Ufone balance sharing can be done through this service.

Ufone Balance Share Code Details

‘uShare’ is Ufone’s balance-sharing service for the convenience of dedicated customers. With this service, you can share your Ufone balance with any other Ufone customer in your contact list. This method is quite simple and all Ufone customers can avail this service. Share your mobile balance with your friends, family, or any other Ufone user. It’s easy to send mobile credit to anyone with these simple balance sharing codes for 2022. These codes are valid on all Ufone Pakistan mobile SIM cards.

Since you can share your balance at any time using Ushare service and this service is good for your friends and family members when they are in trouble. So, here we will talk about Ufone balance sharing ka tarika which is very simple and easy.

It is very common that a person can run out of balance at any time without having access to any online or local service to load their account. Hence, Ufone launched the Ufone USshare service to help its customers, friends and family suffer from lack of balance in times of emergency.

Terms And Conditions

  • You will be asked to confirm the message you have received while using Ufone Share.
  • After receiving the confirmation message, the transaction will be completed.
  • All prepaid Ufone users can use this option, regardless of the package they are in. Prices do not include all taxes.
  • Standard tax will be levied for each transaction.
  • Icons can be changed at any time through Ufone!
  • Company terms and conditions apply and can be read on the Ufone website.
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