Ufone Daily Call Packages List and Activation Code 2022

Ufone is the best mobile network with respect to its best services in SMS, Calls, and the Internet. And all the packages of Ufone are as per their customer’s requirements. Just start finding a suitable package for you, either an SMS package, call package, or internet package. Stay connected with your loved ones, with daily call packages from Ufone.

List of Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone offers its users the best daily call packages, so stop worrying about your credit and call your friends and family during rush hour. The students have to talk about the assignments with their classmates, and much more these are specially for them. Talk with them without any limits from Ufone Daily Call Packages. Choose your plan and start making calls. The details of the packages are as follows:

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer Rs 18 100 On-Net-Minutes 1 Day 10MB Dial *888# Dial *8880#
Ufone Power Hour Rs 6 60 On-Net-Minutes 1 Hour 60 SMS,60MB Dial *99# Automatically Deactivate after 1 hour
Ufone 3 py 3 Package Rs 6 120 On-Net-Minutes 2 Day (Except 5 PM -9 PM) N/A Dial *343# Automatically Deactivate after 2 Hour
Ufone 24 Ganta Offer Rs 8.99 Unlimited On-Net-Minutes( valid For PTCL and Ufone ) 1 Day N/A Dial *5700# Automatically Expire

Ufone 3 Pe 3 Offers

In the Ufone 3 Pay 3 offer, you will get unlimited on-net mints for 2 hours for just Rs 0.06. PTCL Mint is also included in this package. To subscribe to the Ufone 3 Pay 3 offer, dial *343#. This offer will automatically expire after 2 hours of activation.

  • Price: Rs.06
  • Free On-Net Mint: Unlimited
  • Validity: 2 hours
  • Activation Code: *343#

Ufone Behisaab Offers

In Ufone, Behisaab offer, you will get unlimited freebies on net mints till midnight of package activation for just Rs.14. With this Ufone cheap offer, you will get unlimited u2u and PTCL Minutes. Dial *5700# to activate this offer. This offer automatically expires at midnight on the same day, so till then, enjoy calling your loved ones.

  • Price: Rs.14
  • Free On-Net Mint: Unlimited
  • Valid till midnight
  • Activation Code: *5700#

Ufone Dabang Hour Uth

In Ufone Daband Hour ut, you will get Unlimited On-Net Mint, Unlimited SMS, and Mbs for one hour with this package. The price of this Ufone daily call package is just Rs 3.99. To subscribe to Ufone Dabang Hour, dial *212#. This offer will automatically expire after 1 hour of activation.

  • Price: Rs 3.99
  • Free On-Net Mint: Unlimited
  • Free SMS: Unlimited
  • Free MBS: Unlimited
  • Validity: 1 hour
  • Activation Code: *212#

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offers:
In the Ufone Daily Pakistan offer, you will get 100 MB on Network Mint and 10 MB for the internet bundle for just Rs 18, which is valid for 1 day. Because Ufone knows your needs stop worrying and start calling your friends and family. Dial *888# to subscribe to this offer. To deactivate this offer, dial *8880#.

  • Price: Rs 18
  • Free On-Net Mint: 100
  • Free MB: 10
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Activation Code: *888#
  • Deactivation Code: *8880#