Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages List with Code 2022

WhatsApp is an essential part of human life today; So it is very important to communicate in Ufone WhatsApp Bundle. These packages are based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. WhatsApp is a social application that is widely used to send SMS, make voice calls, and video chat anywhere in the world.

Of course, to get the most out of WhatsApp, you can have a powerful mobile network that offers a stable connection and incredible offers. Here Ufone fulfills your demand by offering you amazing Ufone WhatsApp packages. These Ufone WhatsApp packages are not only amazing but also very affordable. The exciting offers are categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp packages. So let’s have a look at the list of WhatsApp offers for Ufone.

Ufone WhatsApp Daily packages

Social platforms have become one of the important parts of our lives. We cannot imagine spending a single day without it. Among all the platforms, we can safely say that WhatsApp tops the charts. It is one of the highly used platforms for both professional and common people. Isn’t it?

Ufone Daily has provided its customers with many unique offers related to social apps in the Ufone Daily Whats app package. Details of these packages are shown below:

Package Price Details
Special Daily Rs 6 500mb for whatsapp, facebook, line and twitter, 50mb browsing Internet.
Daily Light Rs 12 500 MB, 40 MB browsing the Internet for WhatsApp, Facebook, line, and Twitter.
Daily Heavy Rs 18 500MB, 75MB browsing the Internet for WhatsApp, facebook, line and twitter.
Social Daily Rs 6 100MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter
Daily Chat Rs 6 500mb for whatsapp + 10,000 SMS.

Ufone WhatsApp daily package

Unlimited 3G/4G MB and 10,000 SMS at Ufone. The daily WhatsApp package is available for only Rs. Dial *630# to get the offer and *706# to check the rest of MBS and SMS. This package lasts for 24 hours or a day. To deactivate, dial *6301#.

Ufone daily pack

Ufone daily special package gives you 500MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and Twitter and 50MB for surfing the internet. This package is available from 1 AM to 9 PM for only Rs. Offer subscription code *3461#.

Ufone daily light pack

In the Daily Light package, Ufone gives you 40MB to navigate Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line, and Internet for 12 rupees. This offer is valid until midnight on the same day. You must dial *2256# to pick up this package.

Ufone daily heavy pack

You can get 500MB for social apps and Ufone daily heavy packages with Ufone 75MB for easy browsing for only $18. The package continues until midnight of the relevant day. If you want to subscribe, dial *2258#.

Daily social show

The daily social offer gives you 100MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for only Rs 6. This offer is valid until midnight today. The subscription code for this offer is *4422#.

Ufone daily chat package

Last but not least, Ufone’s daily chat package offers 500MB for WhatsApp and 10,000 SMS for just Rs. This offer is available until midnight. If you want to subscribe to Daily Chat, you need to dial *3465#.