Ufone SIM Caller Tunes Activation Codes 2022

Ufone has introduced the latest Ufone Caller Tunes Code Bollywood 2022 to its customers. It is one of the largest Pakistani telecom companies providing telecommunication services in Pakistan. It is not only providing telecom services but also providing some value-added services to its customers. Now Ufone users can activate Ufone caller tunes so that every time your loved ones call you, they can listen to Bollywood songs instead of beep tunes.

Caller tune is a very unique and attractive service that is usually offered by various telecom companies. When you call any number you hear a simple tune called Caller Tune, but through Ufone, you have offered to convert this simple tune into any Bollywood song in a quick and easy way, Caller Tune is very unique fun for call dialer so express you feeling with Bollywood Songs Ufone Caller Tune. Now Get Ufone Caller Tunes Codes 2022 and Ufone Caller Tune Subscription Method at the bottom.

How to Subscribe to Ufone Caller Tunes?

The process of activating Ufone caller tunes is very easy. To subscribe to Ufone Caller Tunes a person needs to follow the steps given below. So just follow below steps to activate any Ufone caller tune.

Compose new SMS option and type “SUB” and send this message to 6666. send over.

  • Another option is to dial 6666.
  • The third option is to visit your nearest Ufone franchise.
  • Ufone charges Rs 2.99 per day against Ufone caller tune.
  • Ufone charges 1.55/day prepaid per day.

If you want to unsubscribe from Ufone Tune then type “UNSUB” in the new right message and send this number to 6666.

Ufone SIM Caller Tunes Activation Codes

Ufone Tones lets your friends and family listen to your favorite songs all the time. Get ringtones with Ufone Tunes subscription code 2021 Ufone.

How to Subscribe to YouTube 2022?

Let your friends and family listen to your favorite songs every time they call you. Instead of listening to the traditional ringtones of callers, Ufone Tunes allows you to listen to Ufone ringtones selected by callers. You can choose your favorite music, naat sharif, or recent new music from the list of Ufone’s content database and subscribe to the service.

Dial * 666 # or send to 666.

Price: Rs. 1.68 per day

Subscriptions Code Charges
666 # or send to 666. Rs. 1.68 per day

Copy and Activate One Key (While listening tap to activate YouTube and copy YouTube to your friends) You can present YouTube to a friend. You can register your UTune 666 in IVR. To manage your YouTube library, visit the YouTube portal or download the mobile app. Ufone customers can now set their favorite songs or sounds by simply activating the Ufone Utunes service. Listen to your favorite tunes from your friends and family every time they call you.

How to unsubscribe caller tunes?

So these are just Ufone Caller Tunes Code Bollywood 2022. As you know new songs are releasing every day and mostly their codes are not available but if you stay with this page and keep visiting ufone officials website then you will soon get latest ufone utunes codes.

You are also suggested to read the message received from the company on your mobile. This is because most of the times the company uploads the latest Ufone utune code via message instead of uploading it on their official website. Apart from this, you can also share the codes that you know but are not available in this list, through the comment section at the bottom of this passage.

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