University Of Taxila Admission Merit Lists 2022

University Of Taxila

University Of Taxila Admission Merit Lists 2022

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According to Stephen Bachelor, Buddha may have been influenced by the experience and knowledge of some of his closest followers in the foreign capital, Taxila. Many of Buddha’s contemporaries and close followers are said to have all been educated in Achmanid Taksim. They are:

A close friend of Buddhism, King Pasnadi of Castle,
Bandura, commander of the Pasdani army
Angolimala, the faithful followers of Buddhism. The Buddhist story about Anguillamala (also called Ehsaka, who later became a faithful follower of Buddhism) tells how his parents sent him to Taxila to study with a famous teacher. There he performed well, became a favorite student of the teacher, and enjoyed a special feast at the teacher’s house. However, other students were jealous of Ehsaka’s rapid development and tried to turn their master against it. Because of this, they feel as if Ehsaka has beaten the owner’s wife.
Jyoka, Raja Gariha’s court doctor and Buddha’s personal physician.

Taxila University is a famous archeological institution located in the ancient city of Taxila, east of the river. A large settlement around 1000 BC After conquering the river valley of Achaemenid around 515 BC, it became the capital of the Achaemenid region in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. Taxila is located at the crossroads of Asia’s major trade routes and may have been inhabited by several generations of the Persian, Greek, Cetis and Achaemenid empires.

Comprehensive classroom

According to some accounts, the ancient University of Texas is considered one of the first universities in the world. Now they don’t think it’s a university in the modern sense, because the professors who live there may not be official members of any particular college, and Taxila doesn’t seem to have any special lecture halls and residences built by the university. , On the contrary. Later Nalanda University in East India.

The university is known for its science, especially medicine and the arts, but also teaches religious and secular subjects, including the past or astronomy. Students come from remote areas of India. Many Jatts of early Buddhist literature refer to college students. In addition to Indian students, more than 20,000 students from China, Babylon, Syria and Greece study there.

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