Urdu 12th Class Notes All Chapters PDF Free Download

Urdu 12th Class Notes All Chapters PDF Free Download

Urdu is considered the national language of Pakistan. Urdu is another important topic. Urdu is a Turkic word that means “horde.” Because it is one of the most significant subjects for FSC students, it is critical to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Students work hard to achieve the best possible grades in Urdu. Rafiqq has created the most useful and important 2nd year Urdu notes for you to achieve the highest possible marks in Urdu. Our kids can get online Urdu notes for class 12th.

12th Class Urdu Notes Chapter Wise Free Download in PDF Urdu Medium

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz  Urdu Medium
2 Tashkeel e Pakistan  Urdu Medium
3 Nawab Mohsin ul Malik  Urdu Medium
4 Mehnat pasand Khirad Mand  Urdu Medium
5 Nasar 5  Urdu Medium
6 Nasar 6  Urdu Medium
7 Nasar 7  Urdu Medium
8 Nasar 8  Urdu Medium
9 Nasar 9  Urdu Medium
10 Nasar 10  Urdu Medium
11 Nasar 11  Urdu Medium
12 Nasar 12  Urdu Medium
13 Nasar 13  Urdu Medium
14 Nasar 14  Urdu Medium
15 Nazam 1  Urdu Medium
16 Nazam 2  Urdu Medium
17 Nazam 3  Urdu Medium
18 Nazam 4  Urdu Medium
19 Nazam 5  Urdu Medium
20 Nazam 6  Urdu Medium
21 Nazam 7  Urdu Medium
22 Nazam 8  Urdu Medium
23 Nazam 9  Urdu Medium
24 Nazam 10  Urdu Medium
25 Ghazal 1  Urdu Medium
26 Ghazal 2  Urdu Medium
27 Ghazal 3  Urdu Medium
28 Ghazal 4  Urdu Medium
29 Ghazal 5  Urdu Medium
30 Ghazal 6  Urdu Medium
31 Ghazal 7  Urdu Medium
32 Ghazal 8  Urdu Medium
33 Ghazal 9  Urdu Medium
34 Ghazal 10  Urdu Medium

Download 2nd Year Urdu Notes Pdf 2021

These 12th class Urdu notes were developed by our most honorable and skilled teachers for our dedicated students so that they may best prepare themselves. Our teachers did their best to create these class 9 Urdu notes, and they are unquestionably important. These notes are available to you in the most convenient pdf format. You can also learn how to present your exam in these notes, as well as how to prepare for and pass an Urdu exam. You can quickly and easily download and save the most important and well-represented notes in pdf format. Download Urdu notes for the second year of 2021. You can prepare for the exam online. There are also online lectures accessible that you can attend.

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