Jazz Monthly Internet Packages Codes and Details

Jazz 4G is bringing the latest and new 4G data package with a validity of 30 days. Read this complete list of all Jazz packages, bundles, and offers if you want to choose the best monthly internet packages on Jazz. You can choose one of these packages and enjoy the latest Jazz Internet Packages.

Here are all the latest jazz internet packages and offers that you might like. Monthly Internet Packages from Jazz All monthly Internet packages from Jazz are listed below with the codes.

Monthly Social Package

Jazz Monthly Social Bundle is the best internet package for those who just want to access social media. It gives you 5GB of data for WhatsApp, IMO, and Facebook for Rs 89.

  • 5GB data (IMO, Facebook, WhatsApp) 1200 messages
  • Rs. 89 (incl.Tax)
Data Price Charges Validity Subscription Code
24GB Rs.89 (incl.Tax) 30days *661#

Jazz Monthly Browser Package

Jazz Monthly Browser Internet Package is the basic Lever package that gives you 5GB of data (2 AM-2 PM) for Rs.125. The package is valid for 30 days. The details are given below:

Jazz monthly browser package details

Balance Rs 125
Duration 30 Days
Jazz Minutes 0
Other Networks Minutes 0
Subscription Code *117*34#

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus gets you 12GB (6G 2 AM-2 PM) for Rs 349. Read full details below.

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus details

Balance Rs 349
Duration 30 Days
Jazz Minutes 0
Other Networks Minutes 0
MB 12 GB (6GB usable between 2 PM-2 AM)
Subscription Code *117*30#

Jazz Monthly Supreme

Jazz provides 20GB of data for internet browsing, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any online use. 10 GB out of 20 GB should be used between 2 PM to 2 PM). Read the description of Monthly Internet Packages.

Jazz Monthly Supreme Package details

Balance Rs 499
Duration 30 Days
Jazz Minutes 0
Other Networks Minutes 0
MB 20 GB (10BG useable between 2 AM to 2 PM)
Subscription Code *117*32#

Jazz Monthly Super Max package Code

In Jazz Jazz Monthly Supermax, users get 10,000 Jazz/Warid minutes, 10,000 SMS, and 25 GB data along with 500 other network minutes without any call setup charges. This is the best-in-one package for Pro users. Details below:

Jazz monthly supermax details

Balance Rs 1499
Duration 30 Days
Jazz / Warid Minutes 10,000
Other Networks Minutes 500
SMS 10,000
MB 25 GB
Subscription Code *708#