Ufone SMS Packages: Daily Weekly & Monthly List 2022

Ufone users can view Ufone SMS Packages 2022 daily, weekly, and monthly code details. Ufone stands on the list of top telecom service provider companies in Pakistan. It is providing various services to its dear customers including a short messaging service. A subscriber can subscribe to SMS packages on a daily, weekly basis and monthly basis to enjoy thousands of messages not only on his own network but also on other networks.

You can also check the subscribe/unsubscribe process of Ufone SMS Package 2022 through this website. Most people use SMS service instead of calling as it is a cheap mode of communication as well as saving time and balance. SMS is also considering a marketing tool, which is why most business companies use SMS marketing for business promotion.

Ufone continues to offer attractive offers to prepaid and postpaid customers. Hence, in this article, I will walk you through the daily, weekly, and monthly SMS plans of Ufone for prepaid and postpaid customers. Check out Ufone SMS packages.

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Ufone is offering its customers the Ufone Daily SMS Package 2022 for daily use. A subscriber has more than one option to choose from in the daily SMS bundles. The activation code and package details are given below and you can check them by visiting this post. Ufone’s daily message package details are as follows.

Package Resources Validity Price Subscription
Ufone Daily 1600 Sms 1Days Rs 4.77 SMS “Sub” to 605
Ufone Daily on -Net 500 SmS 1Days Rs 2+Plus Tax SMS “Sub” to 611
Ufone Night Sms Packages 300 Sms 1Days Rs 1 SMS “Sub” to 609
Ufone Power Hour 60SMS, 60 on-net minutes, 60MBs 1Days Rs 6 Dial *99#
Ufone Super Recharge Packages 300 minutes on the network, 10 minutes off the network, 300 SMS, 100 MB 1Days Rs 45 Dial *300#
Ufone Uth Daily 600 Sms 1Days Rs 1.99plus Tax SMS “Sub” to 612

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone is not only offering messaging packages on a daily or monthly basis but also Ufone Weekly SMS Package 2022 to its customers. All the customers can check the complete details of the weekly SMS package of Ufone which is being offered to Ufone users. Here are the full details of Ufone’s weekly SMS plans along with other incentives. Customers can choose the package as per their requirements.

Package Resources Validity Price Subscription
Ufone Weekly SmS Package 1600 Sms 7Days Rs 10 SMS “Sub” to 608
Ufone 15 Days Sms package 500 SmS 7Days Rs 30 SMS “Sub” to 603
Ufone Asli Chapar Parh Offer 300 Sms 7Days Rs 80 Dial 5050#
Ufone Super mini offer 60SMS, 60 on-net minutes, 60MBs 7Days Rs 299 Load Ufone Mini Super Card worth Rs. 299

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Ufone has also introduced the Ufone Monthly SMS Package 2022 for its customers. Now Ufone customers can activate this offer. The packaging process is very simple and can be activated by dialing a simple code. If you love sending messages to your circles, our monthly SMS plans for 2022 give you peace of mind all month long. Ufone offers several monthly SMS plans with and without other incentives.

package Resources Validity Price Subscription
Ufone Monthly SMS Package 20000 Sms 30Days Rs 80 SMS “Sub” to 607
Ufone Super Card 1000 minutes on the network, 150 minutes off-network, 1000 MB, 1000 SMS 30Days Rs 520 Load a super card with a value of Rs. 520
Ufone Super Card Plus 1200 minutes on the network, 180 minutes off-network, 1200 MB, 1200 SMS 30Days Rs 599 Load a super card with a value of Rs. 599

Ufone SMS Packages 2022 onwards Unsubscribe Daily, Weekly, and Monthly code details. I think now you are all well impressed with the Ufone messaging packages that are available at affordable rates but the number of messages is more than the deductible charges. You can subscribe to any package by sending the code as per the written description along with the description. So subscribe to Ufone SMS Package 2022.