I.Com Part 2 Statistics Pairing Scheme for All Boards

I.Com Part 2 Business Statistics Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board. Pairing Scheme Inter 1st Year 2nd Year 2023 All Subjects is announced by all BISE Boards. Welcome to this page for the students who are looking for FA FSC 1st Year & 2nd Year Class Pair Scheme 2023. Download here all subjects of biology, paper scheme for 1st and 2nd year. icom part 2 business statistics pairing scheme 2023 punjab board.

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If you are concerned and looking for a paper scheme for all subject schemes, then go through this page. Download online peering scheme between 1st year and 2nd year – FA, FSC, IC, I.Com without any hassle.

All Punjab Intermediate Peering Scheme is available to help the students. You can download your respective subject pairing scheme with just one click. If you don’t find any of them, please comment below. Paper Scheme 2023 between 1st year and 2nd year. FA FSC Class 2023 All Subject Pairing Scheme has been announced for the Annual Exam 2023.

‚ÄúRemember that the 12th class pair scheme of pure studies changes every year. Every year the paper is prepared according to the new schedule. Hence, this schedule is for the year 2023 only. I will update this page next year for 2023.”

Peering scheme between 1st year and 2nd year. If you are in need of more complete Paper Pattern Evaluation Schemes then you must visit this page regularly. Download a collection of interdisciplinary diagnostic plans to prepare for FA, FSC, ICS, ICOM exams. That you can get good marks in their examination. All education boards of Sindh, Balochistan, KPK, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan have 11th class peer schemes.

Board of Education provides all the necessary facilities to the students Broadly speaking, Jodi schemes help the students to learn. Many teachers and teachers urge students to use 2nd year pairing scheme 2023. For each subject, there is a paper scheme. Computer Studies There is a paper scheme. Students have to keep a lot of information on different subjects throughout the year. The 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2023 helps the students to focus on the important parts of a particular subject.

Board of Education provides this pair of 12th class 2023 to the students. If you are looking for Latest Jodi Scheme PDF for 2nd year here, then you have come to the right place. We have different all 2nd year Jodi Scheme 2023 according to Punjab Board articles. You just need to click on a button and you will be taken to the second year pairing plan.

I.Com Part 2 Statistics Pair Scheme 2023

(For Lhr,Guj,Mtn,Shw,Bwp,Sgd,Rwp,Fsd,Dgk)


chapter 15 3MCQs
chapter 16 1 MCQ
chapter 17 1MCQ
chapter 18 1MCQ
chapter 19 2 MCQs
chapter 20 2 MCQ
chapter 21 1 MCQ
chapter 22 1MCQ
chapter 23 2 MCQs
chapter 24 1 MCQ
chapter 25 2 MCQs
chapter 26 1 MCQ
chapter 27 1 MCQ

Short Questions Section


Chapter 15 1Questions
Chapter 16 2 Questions
Chapter 18 3 Questions
Chapter 26 1 Questions
Chapter 27 1Questions


Chapter 17 1 Questions
Chapter 22 2 Questions
Chapter 23 3 Questions
Chapter 25 1Questions


Chapter 19 2 Questions
Chapter 20 1 Questions
Chapter 21 2 Questions
Chapter 24 1Questions

Long Questions

Question 5 (a) Chapter 15; (b) Chapter 25
Question 6 (a) Chapter 16 ; (b) Chapter 20
Question 7 (a) Chapter 17 ; (b) Chapter 27
Question 8 (a) Chapter 18 ; (b) Chapter 22
Question 9 (a) Chapter 19 ; (b) Chapter 24